Interview Body Language Blunders

You might be saying all the right things at your interview but it’s important to remember that your body language tells an important story as well.

A recent survey polling 2,500 hiring managers revealed that slip ups such as avoiding eye contact, failing to smile and fidgeting too much made them much less inclined to hire somebody at interview.

Don’t let your body betray you! Avoid these physical faux pas at your next interview, or risk that much dreaded rejection letter!

1. Bad handshake

This is the first and last thing you’ll do when meeting your prospective employer so it’s necessary to get it right. When the interviewer offers his/her hand to you, don’t gingerly offer your paw back – make sure you meet it confidently and shake it firmly. Find a happy medium between death grip and wet fish and don’t forget to smile as you do it!

2. Crossing arms

It was drilled into us at Primary School that to sit smartly you had to cross your arms in front of your chest, but this is one lesson that MUST be unlearned when it comes to interviews! Crossing your arms will create a physical barrier between you and the other person, indicating an unwillingness to engage with them and a general lack of interest.

3. Failing to smile

When you’re nervous, painting a smile on can seem like a hard ask - but make sure you muster one! Far from just making the employer perceive you as personable and confident, smiling can also trick your own body into making you feel more at ease. Win – win!

4. Fidgeting

Nervous energy often shows itself in fidgety behaviour; be it hair twirling, toe tapping or shifting restlessly in your seat. CUT IT OUT! Aside from offering a very obvious visual clue as to your uneasiness, it might also prove a distraction from all the intelligent things you’re saying! If you’re a fiend for fidgeting, make a conscious effort to sit tight and restrain your hands in your lap.

5. Hiding your hands

The above being said, try and gesture with your hands if and when appropriate. It will show the interviewer that you’re expressive and engaging; two traits which many employers look for – especially if you’re interviewing for a customer/client facing role. It is also said to aid vocal variation, which should help your answers sound less rehearsed and more ‘off-the-cuff’ brilliant.

6. Invading their space

You want to appear interested in what your interviewer is saying but getting too up close and personal will pass off as creepy and/or aggressive. If you’re sitting opposite them, be respectful of their boundaries and make sure you don’t lean too far forward or become tactile in anyway.

7. Not making eye contact

Locking eyes with someone can feel a bit intimate, especially if you’ve just met them, but avoiding an interviewer’s gaze could be a fatal move when it comes to the job hunt. Remember - avoiding eye contact is synonymous with dishonesty; hardly the impression you want to make whilst describing your fantastic ability to get on with others.

8. Poor posture

Slouching and drooping in your chair looks far too informal in an interview situation. You need to be comfortable, but poor posture is said to denote laziness, a lack of self-worth and/or interest. Sitting up straight will actually help you to feel more alert and ready to attack those 10 Habits Interviewers Hate


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