How To Start Your Own Business - An Interview With Tamar Fyne

Name: Tamar Fyne

Age: 24

Degree: BA Philosophy & Economics, UCL

Current job title: Co-Founder

Current workplace: Oblique

Career/long term goal: Bring a new events concept to London, combining social elements with great drinks, food, music and most importantly, people.


What prompted you to start this company?

Myself and my co-founders, Romi and Shonil, saw a gap in the way Londoners socialise and interact with one another. We saw that it was becoming increasingly hard to meet new people and form tangible friendships. We therefore thought that the best way to harness the demand for such interaction was through events. Something a little bit different; events that are fun, relaxed and unpretentious - that bring people, music, food and drinks together. That’s how Oblique was born. Our initial focus is on brunch style day parties - usually from 1pm to 6pm where you can eat, dance, drink and socialise with like-minded people.
How did you get your position?

The three of us founded Oblique together. My role focuses on the PR and Marketing side of things - building relationships with venues and potential collaborators. However, as we are such a small team, we all chip in with everything - something that is super important when you are just starting out.

What skills do you feel are the most important in your chosen line of work? 

You need to have a lot of energy and passion for your project in order to make it a success. All three of us have full time jobs, so working on Oblique takes up evenings, weekends and days off. We all live and breathe Oblique! Skills wise, for my role, you need to be able to connect with people in order to start and maintain relationships with the press, venues and the customer. Plus, you always need to be aware of what is going on around you - taking every opportunity that may crop up. It can be anything from meeting a friend of a friend who you then encourage to attend an event, to securing a meeting with the manager of a restaurant you're at after being inspired by the menu.

How is your job developing these skills further?

The challenge is multi-tasking. Pushing through what needs to be done whilst always looking for the next opportunity to move the business forward.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far in your working life and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge has been deciding exactly what I want to do with my life. As you can see, my degree is completely unrelated to events and my day job working in fashion is detached too. I think if you have an idea or a passion, and have the energy to try new things, trying is the only way to truly find out what you want to do.

Is your job helping you to achieve your long term goal?

At the moment, building on my skill set and experience is key. Oblique is helping me do that. I am really proud of our team and what we are achieving and I’m learning every day.

And finally, do you have any advice for students and graduates reading this article?

Yes, try new things! It’s very rare that at the age of 17 you will know the path you want your life and career to take. Study something you enjoy, something that will challenge you and look good to employers regardless of the career path that you choose. Remember that post-degree, you can always gain experience in other industries. Intern, get a standard office job in the bag; try a few things. You may not figure out exactly what you want, but you’ll most certainly figure out what you don’t want from a job. Then go from there. I’d also recommend keeping up side projects; develop that app you think is genius, organise parties on the side, write some music.

Want to find out more about Oblique? Check out their facebook page or follow them on Twitter at @obliquelondon

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