How To Shake Hands

Making a good first impression when you go for a job interview is vital. A good handshake is an important part of the first impression you have with your potential employer.

As a student or graduate it is very likely that a job interview may be the first time you greet someone with a formal handshake. To make sure you get this greeting right first time we have put together a quick and easy to follow guide.

Simpson handshakeMake sure you stand face to face when you shake hands

If you are sat down when your interviewer comes into meet you, make sure you stand up to shake their hand. If you remain seated this can give the impression that you are disinterested in meeting this person and the job you are being interviewed for.

Look at the person you are shaking hands with

This may seem obvious but it is very important. If you do not look at the person you are shaking hands with this can give the impression that you are nervous and possibly that you have something to hide.

If you are nervous, look at the persons brow line. You will appear to be looking your interviewer in the eye but you may find this less intimidating than looking at them directly.

Offer your right hand when you go in for a handshake

This is standard protocol for a hand shake. Make sure you have put down anything that you are holding so it doesn't impair your technique.

Carry out a firm handshakeWet Fish

A limp handshake can give the impression that you are a shy, anxious and possibly an untrustworthy person. Also it can feel a bit like shaking hands with a wet fish ... and no one wants that.

A handshake that is too strong can give the impression that you are trying to overpower people or that you are too eager to please. Being on the receiving end of a very tight handshake can be rather painful!

Carry out three confident shakes before you release

Just remember 3 is the magic number. Less than 3 is too few and more than 3 is too many!


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