How To Get Into Casting - An Interview With Fi Gent

Fi GentFi

Age: 22

Degree: History of Art BA

Current job title: Freelance Writer (Spotlight) Casting Assistant

Current workplace: Spotlight

Career/long term goal: Actress/ Casting Director

What made you pick this job?

Spotlight is one of the leading casting agencies in the world with a sterling reputation. I wanted to enter get into the casting world by joining a top agency that would offer me the opportunity to learn from the very best. By starting at the bottom in a large agency, I hoped I could rise through the ranks and network with the right people in London. Giving me a real view of the industry in terms of the demands, the competition and learning from such a wide demographic of people.Casting

How did you get your position?

With a bit of luck and persistence! I was very lucky as I approached Spotlight’s concealed main office in Leicester Square and asked if they were hiring graduates. As I expected, I was passed on to person after person and eventually came away with an email address and a phone number for someone that could help.

However, the phone number turned out to be wrong and the e-mail address was invalid. So I sent a message to Spotlight through their website explaining my plight and hoped someone would get in touch. To my surprise, two weeks later, I got a phone call from the Casting Director and asked if I could come in for an interview. I was ecstatic. The rest is history.

What skills do you feel are the most important in your chosen line of work?

[tips-acting-auditions-800X800] The two key skills in my opinion have to be confidence and initiative. If you can project confidence in your ability to do a great job, others will be able to perceive it. Determination, independence and organisation are all vital too!Acting

How is the job developing your skills more?

Being at Spotlight I have realised just how much there is to learn. Besides widening my appreciation and knowledge of all aspects of putting on a show, I have developed my networking skills. Particularly in the casting industry, it’s about who you know rather than what you know. My role has given me a realistic view of my career prospects of becoming an actress. You have to learn to market yourself as a business but it doesn’t put me off in the slightest!

What do you remember as being the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far in your working life (this can include the application process) and how did you overcome it?

Phone waiting​My application to Drama school was definitely the biggest challenge. It was an endurance test and I had to develop a thick skin. Applying for Drama School is very similar to a Masters’ application, filling out a form, getting a personal statement and references together and waiting to hear if you’ve been selected and invited to audition. In fact I’m still waiting for a response from a couple of applications now.

As it’s a three stage audition you have to hope to get recalled and perform 2 monologues AND have an interview, not for the faint of heart! To motivate myself, I always look at the possibility of achieving my life long goal of becoming an actress.

Are you happy with the direction the job’s taking you? Is it helping you in the long term to your long term goal?

Although I did a degree in History of art, I always had a deep passion for drama and acting. It’s definitely a step in the right direction and I’m very happy with my current role.

And finally do you have any last advice for students and graduates reading this article?
Build up your confidence and go for what you really want to do. You’ll always face rejection throughout your journey but if you don’t attempt things when there is an opportunity, you’ll never reach your goal.


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