9 email sign offs you need to use during self-isolation

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

Many thanks, kind regards, take care - they just don't cut it anymore. 

We're living in unprecedented and uncertain times, people. And in such times, we must adapt. Adapt our routines, our hobbies and our email sign offs. 

We've seen some comical email sign offs flying around the Internet over the past few weeks and thought it was only fair that we share them, so you know the right email etiquette to use during self-isolation.




1. Sent from my living room,

This could work for all areas of the house. Sent from my back garden could work, sent from my kitchen, my bed, my downstairs loo, whatever. 


2. Take care - no but really, 

No one actually means it when they say take care to someone in an email. Until now. 


3. Cautious cheers, 

The ideal alternative to 'cheers' - jolly enough, but with a subtle nod to the current pandemic. Happy and informed, double win. 


4. See you in six months, 

A realistic take on 'see you soon'. This will obviously have to be amended to suit the ever-changing situation, alternatives could include 'see you in 12 months', 'see you in 2023' or 'see you never'. 


5. In no haste, 

Because lets be honest, nobody's going anywhere anytime soon are they? 


6. Socially distant,

A simple and polite sign off that also shows you're responsible. Another double win. 


7. Best (but could be better), 

Honesty is the best policy, folks. 


8. Yours from afar, 

Along the same lines as 'socially distant' but more formal, so it might be best to keep this one reserved for important people only. 


9. Quarantined regards, 

This another great one if you want to make it known that you are, in fact, following government protocol.

Perhaps you know someone who's going outside for longer than their one daily dose of exercise per day and you want to make a subtle hint that they should be staying indoors. For ultimate passive aggression, capitalise QUARANTINED.