Twitter reacted perfectly to this website saying you should have saved twice your salary by 35

Sally Bracegirdle
Head of Marketing

According to financial information website MarketWatch, you should have savings worth double your salary by the time you're 35.

They posted a Tweet the other day with a link to their article saying as much:




The article, titled 'Money Milestones: This is how your finances should look in your 30s', advises that, in an ideal world, you should have the equivalent of a whole year's worth of your salary saved up for the future by the time you're 30, and double that by 35. 

This way, you won't be worrying about not having enough money saved up the nearer you get to retirement. 

If you were wondering whether saving this much - assuming you can save at all - means you can't spend your money in the meantime on things like rent, mortgages, weddings, holidays and, y'know, food and other everyday essentials, an assistant portfolio manager interviewed in the article says: “It’s important to be saving for retirement while doing all these things at the same time."

Sounds doable, right?


Naturally, Twitter users reacted in the honest, relatable way you've come to expect.













How are your savings looking? 😅