Here are the best cities in the UK to study based on things you really care about

Sally Bracegirdle
Head of Marketing

There are lots of university league tables out there these days, and yet the results very rarely differ. But not this time.

Unlike most university league tables which are determined by very similar, traditional, academic criteria - and therefore produce very similar results - The Alternative UK University City League Table takes into consideration things that actually matter to you. After all, it's no good studying in a place where everyone gets a first but no one can afford a pint to celebrate getting said first, right?

Although academic performance and student satisfaction are important when it comes to deciding where to study, they're no longer the only factors prospective students consider. Things such as crime rates, commitment to sustainability and LGBTQ friendliness are just as likely to influence your decision. 

Recognising this, The Alternative UK University City League Table has once again ranked university locations based on the following five measures: crime rate, average graduate salary, sustainability, the price of a pint and LGBTQ friendliness.

Bristol takes the top spot this year, closely followed by Coventry and last year's highest ranked city Exeter, both of which are tied in second place. 

The top UK cities to study based on what's really important to you are listed below, and you can find out more about the rankings here.



1. Bristol



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=2. Coventry



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=2. Exeter




4. Oxford



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5. Nottingham



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6. Sheffield




7. Guildford




8. Bath



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9. Reading




10. Cambridge




=11. Bradford



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=11. Lancaster



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13. Swansea




14. York




15. Brighton and Hove



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16. Kingston Upon Hull




17. Derby



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18. Leeds



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19. Birmingham



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20. Cardiff



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