7 Ways To Stay Motivated On The Job Hunt

As recent grads ourselves we know how it feels, so we’ve been having a chat in the office about how we kept sane during our hunt for graduate employment! Here are the results of our musings; we hope you find them helpful. If you have any tips of your own, please share them below!

1. Treat it like a 9-5

The job hunt is a job in its own right, treat it as such. Set your alarm, get up early and get dressed. If you have the time dedicate 8 hours a day to it (preferably 9-5) with one hour for lunch, and a couple of breaks during the day. Yes this does seem like a strict regime, but a structured and committed approach will keep you motivated. Bear in mind persistence and hard work are probably the only things that are guaranteed to improve your job prospects.

2. Set daily goals

If you don't have anything concrete to work towards, you’ll find yourself achieving very little. Goals provide you with things to aim for, keep your mind focused and help you become organised by forcing you to prioritise what needs to be done that day. Make your goals SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) and remember to celebrate when you tick something off! 

3.Create your own little oasis of calm

If you’re in a messy, noisy and generally unpleasant environment you’ll be less productive. Clear your desk of anything other than your laptop, phone, pens and paper to stop you getting distracted. If you need to mix things up and get out of the house, head to a café or library for the day.  

4. Ignore statistics  

The newspapers have developed a new hobby of ‘graduate scaremongering’ over the last few years. Yes it is hard to get a graduate job but, at the risk of being hideously clichéd, you need to believe you can get a job to be able to get one! Don’t pay too much attention to the headlines, because they can be misleading. 

5. Add to your CV 

Not getting anywhere on the job hunt? You might need to add something to your CV. Look at the jobs you’ve recently been rejected from and look carefully at their job descriptions - do you really meet their criteria? If not, what are you missing? Improving your CV, whether it's learning a new skill or refining an existing one will help you progress and make you feel super smug.

6. Seek feedback

Seek feedback whenever you’re unsuccessful. If you know why your applications aren’t getting attention or why you aren’t making it through to that final interview stage, you can change your technique for next time. Some employers won’t give you feedback but it’s always worth asking anyway.

7. Control what you can, but let go of things you can’t

Unfortunately, some employers won't acknowledge your painstakingly completed applications or provide any useful feedback. Don’t dwell on it! It’s out of your hands. There are many aspects of the job hunting process you can control: your employer research, the quality of your applications, your attitude, so dwell on these parts instead!

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