7 Of The Most Annoying Office Habits

If your work is stressing you out, the last thing you need is annoying colleagues to tip you over the edge. Workplaces are full of them, and they've all got something to grind your gears. If you manage a whole week without wishing the culprits would fall victim to a semi-awful tragedy, you must have a serious halo above your head.

1. Someone using your mug

Usually offices will have the, 'if you want a hot drink, you'll have to bring in your own mug' rule. Most decent human beings abide by the etiquette of this policy, the most important of which being under no circumstances do you touch anyone else's. You don't even look at it. You don't even think about looking at it.

Anger level: "slightly inconvenient" 

2. Mundane chit-chat

"What did you have for dinner last night?" - "Did you watch Eastenders? Oh my God I can't believe what happened" - "Would you like to hear about my new cushions?" No. Stop.

Anger level: "Excuse me while I hit my keyboard with my head"

3. People who don't clean up after themselves

The kitchen has been festering for weeks because everyone refuses to clean up after lazy Daisy from accounting. It's gotten so bad the boss is threatening to write it off as a hazard zone.

Anger level: "My food smells of FEET because of that fridge!"

4. Bitchiness and office politics

Everyone is nice to each other, but as soon as you're outside having a cigarette or overhearing a conversation in the toilets, all of a sudden you're exposed to the truth - and it hurts. You thought everyone got on and was happy - you were wrong.

Anger level: "I thought we left high school years ago?"

5. Loud eaters

Particularly if eating at their desks, loud munchers can really trigger a room of stressed employees. Crisp crunchers, soup slurpers and Tupperware tamperers - do us all a favour and quiet down!

Anger level: "Yes I just threw a stapler at you, now shut up!"

6. Know-it-all-ism

There's always that one character in the office who didn't quite make the cut for promotion but still thinks they have authority over you. "Do this, do that - Oh, I wouldn't have done that if I were you..."

Anger level: "Who even are you!?"

7. Arrogant bosses

We'll end with a bang. This is something you're bound to come across. It's usually the middle-management guys who are the most obnoxious and condescending. Rolling in two hours late, making commands and looking down on you as riff-raff.

Anger level: "I QUIT!"



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