5 Common CV Mistakes

Mistakes happen, we understand. But just don’t let it be these ones. 

1. SPAGs – Spelling and grammar mistakes

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Make sure you triple check these! There is nothing worse than you telling an employer ‘how sucessful your team was’ or how your ‘internship helped develop your proof reading skils’. 

2. Having a CV in the wrong order!

Nothing is more irritating than receiving a CV with your education listed at the end, your skills and interest at the beginning and your contact information in the middle - well I'm sure there are more annoying things but this is still up there.

A standard CV should begin with: -
  1. Name and contact info
  2. Education history, in reverse chronological order
  3. Work experience and positions of responsibility - the most relevant first

3. Listed buzzwords

It is perfectly acceptable to include a small introductory paragraph about yourself in your CV; however...

DO NOT include an unexplained list of buzzwords. Anyone can write ‘I am hard working, ambitious, organised and charismatic.’ You must include evidence and reason to support statements like these. Just because you have written these things on your CV does not mean an employer will automatically read them as gospel.

4. Listing jobs/work that lack explanation

Obviously, you need to include your place of work, job title and the dates you worked in a particular job. However, do not leave it at that. Write a few statements or bullet points about each position you held; include your responsibilities, your achievements while you were there e.g. hit all your sales targets, what you liked about it, if there were any challenges and how you overcame them etc.

5. Neglecting to include volunteering under 'work experience'

Many graduates do not include any voluntary work they have undertaken in their work experience. You may not have been paid for your time but activities such as, volunteering in a school or fundraising for a charity, involve specific skillsets and undoubtedly you will have learnt something new, so include it!

Now that you know what they are you won’t make these mistakes! (Hopefully). If you find yourself struggling with writing your CV why not download our template!


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