22 Hilarious Office Pranks

All office workers know that sometimes 9 to 5 life can get a little samey. This is why pranks were invented, basically. Here are some of the best we could find!

1. Yum


2. Double yum



3. Enjoy your birthday



4. A classic

5. Prank or just lunch?




6. Hey sexy ; - )


7. Face palm


8. Ingenious. 


9. Not creepy at all



10. 'BOO!'



11. I'm a Beleiber


Or a Hassellhoff(er)...




12. Good luck getting that off


13. $1.29 for a hamburger? Bargain!



14. I'd hardly say this was a prank - got to get myself some of these!



15. Gardening at work - win


16. A personal favourite


17. Cris Got Punked



18. Aww love you too!


19. That's it, you're banned from the phone (LOL)

20. Mini golf (Gini Molf)



21. So fresh and so clean



22. Yeah that's it, burn. Nice.




Now, go forth into the world and do unto them what they have also done unto you... 


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