18 Signs You're Not Prepared For The Job Hunt

If you can tick off more than half of these, it might be time to reconsider your job hunting methods - if indeed, they exist at all...

1. When asked about your plans after uni you pretend you didn’t hear anything and just walk away.

2. You have multiple unfinished drafts of your CV from when you decided to "sort your life out" but then got bored doing so.

3. Netflix happens when LinkedIn should.

4. The only networking you’ve done is on Tinder, and even that hasn’t been successful.

5. You’ve heard rumours about a university careers service, but you’re not quite sure you believe them. Best not to investigate.

6. “I’ll do it tomorrow” has become an overused phrase.

7. You’ve heard that social media is essential for the job hunt and now your Facebook profile looks great. Good work.

8. You consider writing a to-do-list a legitimate (and essential) contribution to the job hunt…

...including such things as ‘do washing’, ‘shower’, ‘buy new stationary’ – and you’ve probably already done at least one of these – best to put it down though. Well done you.

9. If asked what your biggest weakness is, you’d still answer 'chocolate'.

10. You are suspicious about your friends who already have jobs. Just...how?

11. What even is a grad scheme?

12. You spend more time planning a second gap year than you do a career. I mean, it’s pretty clear which of these is more exciting.

13. You try to keep up to date with the latest job news – but cat gifs are so distracting.

14. You attend career fairs purely for free Haribo and new crockery.

15. People are always telling you to make the most out of being young. As far as you’re concerned, that does not involve working.

​16. You giggle when you read ‘role play’ on an interview spec.

17. You would rather write an essay than your CV - and that's saying something. 

18. "One more drink can’t hurt…" 5 hours later and now tomorrow is a write off. Again.

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