11 Terrible CVs

There's nothing like a few truly awful CVs to make you feel a little better about your own... enjoy!

1. Ahh... a classic


If you haven't already, it's worth noting that employers love the old Nazi symbol trick. 

2. Risin Cookies

Thank you Madi for, at the very least, an excellent cookie recipe. Your Faithfully, GradTouch

3. Is that font 'Jokerman'? #cute


As someone who helped children with their handwriting you'd think this culprit would be a better judge of typography!

4. Pizza maker, food prep, cock, the usual.

Really should have gone with 'chef'. 

5. My Little Resume


How adorable. Sorry did I just say adorable? I meant to say abhorrent. Always get those two confused.



Thank goodness you copyrighted that Andres...

7. The job's yours!


Snacks Snakes - Potato Potado. 

8. Skillz

He really should have been taken more seriously.

9. "Life goes on"


Paying homage to Tupac - it's a risk but if your employer is a huge fan, you'll be in luck! IF...

10. A model CV


Well at least she's a good person with a good soul. 

11. HOX!


Cat? Tick. Cat selfie? Tick. Why has this guy not been hired already?!


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