11 More Terrible Job Applications

To follow up on our previous article, here are 11 more weird and wonderful job applications to lift your spirits. Who said you have to stick to the norm?

1. The Google Search

This intrepid job hunter made his CV look like a Google search. Did you mean: hired?

2. The Visual Demonstration

This guy was applying for a job at imgur, and instead of a standard application form he decided to make an app for the site and demonstrate it to them via images. Above is the first of a series of images he uploaded.

3. The demoralised graduate

Clearly tired from not receiving any relevant work, this guy decided to be truthful. Probably didn't land the internship...

4. The stable job

No good job application is without a horse joke.

5. A prompt reply

It's not so much the application that's brilliant here, but the amount of time taken to respond.

6. Think outside the bun

If nothing else, their salary expectations are fair.

7. The graphic designer

If trying to best explain how good you are at graphic design, why use just words?

8. On a roll

Both applicant and application are on top form here. Can we all work there, please?

9. The hardest question answered

This is it, the one and only answer to the worst question any employer could ask.

10. The Badass Mofo

Look who just walked in, it's the guy who draws pictures of himself (and swears compulsively) to support his job applications. Yeh... we're not sure that's going to work.

11. Back to basics

This vintage CV apparently landed the owner 12 job offers.

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