10 Things You Should Never Do At Work

Landing yourself a job is only the beginning. Sure it was tough and you feel a huge weight lifted from your shoulders, but be careful how you conduct yourself in the work environment or you'll soon find that weight is back and heavier than ever.  

Every job is different and will have its own set of unwritten rules, but the following should be avoided no matter where you are. They also apply whether you like your job or not. If you do, you'll want to keep it - simple. If you don't, you'll be wanting another, and if you go ahead and burn all your bridges from your previous employment, you'll find it rather difficult to be trusted by anyone else.

So take heed this advice and go about your working day in a sensible and controlled manner!


1. Assert yourself too much

Particularly if you're new. Confidence is one thing but don't come across as cocky and arrogant or you'll soon find yourself isolated. If you're unsure on the difference, check out this article: Confident vs Cocky - Which are you? 

2. Be too timid

Though being cocky is a certain no-no, you don't want to be too quiet either. Asking questions about your work and showing an interest will come across well. It's all about finding the middle ground!

3. Take sides

Try and avoid cliques for as long as possible; others will think you're bitchy and unapproachable - you want to try and get along with everyone, or at the very least, not piss anyone off!

4. Get in a romance

This one should be absolutely avoided at all times. If anyone asks you into a stationery cupboard, kindly decline and return to your desk. It's particularly important if you're new or are considering getting into relations with someone senior - who do you think will be the one who loses their job? That's right. Control yourselves!

5. Chat too much about yourself

Talk to the people you've made friends with, but don't go around reading out your diary to everyone and anyone - people either don't care (in which case they'll hate you), or they'll think you're unprofessional for constantly bringing personal life into the workplace.

6. Do or say anything when angry

You're bound to get frustrated from time to time while at work, but don't go running around the office on a tirade. Calm down before confronting anyone or sending any emails, avoid messages like:


You don't want to gain a reputation for being bossy.

7. Be too informal

While we're on the topic of emails, remember that they should always be formal. Text talk is frowned upon, no matter how close you think you are with the boss. "will b l8 2day soz xox"

8. Lie

You may feel like you have to at times, but don't. People will see through you eventually. Be honest about what you're doing and what you can't do.

9. Browse the internet on working hours

Sure those cats are cute, but shouldn't you be working? Beware that companies may be able to track your internet use, so don't go spending all your working hours on The Daily Touch, no matter how tempting it is. 

10. Moan

"UGH I'm SO bored!", "Why is it only Monday?", "I can't stand another day here" and "This job is worse than dying" are all phrases you should probably avoid blurting out. You might think this one goes without saying, but you'd be surprised how many people lose their job this way. Watch your tongue and remember to look on the bright side!

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