10 Rejection Letters You Have To See

From the brutally honest to the brilliantly funny, and shockingly short-sighted - here are 10 rejection letters you HAVE to see.

1. Knowing your audience is key when applying for a job. Something made plain to this writer by the Editor of The New York Times.

2. "Disney: Where dreams come true"...Unless, of course, you were a woman applying to work there in 1938. Check out this deceptively cheerful looking rejection received by an aspiring female animator. 

3. Full marks to Mr Jones for this hilariously brazen attempt to bribe confectionery giants, Cadbury, into giving him a job.

4. 'Why concern yourself with an applicant's feelings?' The attitude adopted by record label, Sub Pop, who address their unsuccessful applicants in a very literal fashion.

5. Age is just a number, right? The Marines didn't think so. Poor Bill...

6. Nice one Museum of Modern Art...kicking yourself much?

7. Wannabe Professor, Chris L Jenson, refused to take no for an answer from Whitson University.

8. Now a staple of American Literature classes around the world, Gertrude Stein's celebrated novel 'Three Lives' was not initially well received by every publisher.... Brutal.
9. He's back! Undeterred by his Cadbury knock back, Mr Jones sets his sights even  higher...

10. MAD Magazine proving here that humour can be a pretty effective way to soften the blow of a job rejection.


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