10 Reasons To Start A Blog

Starting a blog - it's probably on your to-do list, there's even a possibility that not having one has already affected your job hunt - so why haven't you quite gotten round to it?! 

That's where we come in. We're here to tell you exactly why you should start a blog and why you ought to do it as soon as possible:

1. It makes you more employable

Having your own blog shows that you are proactive and that you enjoy learning and keeping busy. It also gives employers an insight into the type of person you are. Remember that recruiters are looking for candidates who are the right cultural fit for their company so this is a good way for employers to see if you're the one for them! 

Employers also look for candidates who carry a certain amount of weight online, since this is where most business is now conducted. That’s not to say you need to be a viral hit, but having an online presence that has resulted in a following will go down very well with prospective employers because it demonstrates both your technical skills and your ability to engage with a particular audience.

2. You will develop and refine skills

It goes without saying that you'll become a better writer but you'll also get better at conducting research. In order to ensure your blog is a success you will need to be specific and detailed which will rely on your ability to carry out meticulous research. Employers will recognise the level of effort and energy you put into your blog and will hopefully infer that this enthusiasm will also apply to your work as well! 

3. You’ll learn a lot about your audience

No matter what subject you are writing on – people will interact with you, give you feedback and essentially provide an outside perspective as well as some constructive criticism! You will learn from the insights your readers share with you and ultimately sharpen your ability to connect with a specific audience. The ability to connect with people is a highly employable attribute, particularly if you work in a client facing role such as Sales or PR.

4. You’ll build a network

Constant interaction with followers, fans and admirers will result in conversation. Consistency will also breed trust and you’ll find that your commitment to your blog will make people connect with and trust your online brand – a necessary foundation if you decide to take your blog further.

5. It'll open you up to business opportunities

You will have a ready-made platform from which to launch a new business. The chances are that after having created something, you will get the entrepreneurial itch and want to do more!

Not only this, but people are likely to approach you. If you're writing about music, a band might approach you and ask you to write a review; if you're posting your own photos, a professional photographer may spot your skills; if your talent for writing is exceptional an author or a newspaper editor might get in touch - if you can provide something for someone else, you'll be a catch, and a partnership could be on the cards! 

6. It'll showcase relevant, current skills

You will develop and improve essential digital skills – being able to use websites such as WordPress, Blogger and Medium - to name just a few, is regarded as a scalable skill within a business since it showcases an eagerness to learn and an ability to master modern software. Even better, learning some basic HTML and CSS will look even more impressive!

7. It'll give you an understanding of SEO

You’ll fine-tune your understanding of social media, content marketing, design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which will essentially make you more aware of how search engines like Google work, what people search for and why some words or phrases tend to be preferred by a particular audience. All of which lend themselves to a successful website! 

With this knowledge under your belt you'll have a basic grasp of some of the key elements that make a business successful, something that will give you a head start as a graduate in any company!

8. You'll make contacts

Along with your online following, you will make contacts.

You'll be part of the blogging world and the chances are that in writing a blog, you will begin to read a lot more blogs too and gradually you'll create a community of likeminded individuals from which you can start building a network of contacts. 

You'll tend to find that getting in contact with fellow bloggers is relatively easy since most are looking to expand their following and their online network as well. Put yourself out there, email as many people as you can, whether your aim is to find a job, earn money, or simply have fun there will be people out there who can help you achieve your goals

Plus, a database full of email addresses is a very powerful tool, particularly for the graduate job hunter!

9. You’ll help others

​ - even if you don’t necessarily intend to!

People will ask questions and seek advice, and you'll be there with answers! That doesn't mean to say you'll be an agony aunt, but you'll find people will stand to gain something from your content, whether it's advice on the latest trainer trend, what cream cheese to use for a carrot cake, or just a simple smile! 

10. You'll have an online presence 

Ultimately, you’ll have a presence, which is essential in today's culture. When people type your name into Google, a brand and a product will appear and you are in control of it - because you've created it!

So, do you reckon you've had enough encouragement to get out there and start blogging? Then what are you waiting for?

Good luck! 

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