10 Habits Interviewers Hate

The last thing you want to do during the interview process is grate on a potential employer so it's probably best to steer clear of these 10 horrible habits:

Too arrogant 

One thing interviewers can’t abide is arrogance. Even if you think you're the dog's bollocks - hold back!

Some key points to bear in mind:
1) Don't ignore the contribution of others when talking about past work experience. Do credit others for the things they've done. 
2) Don't be defensive or answer back.
3) Don't appear too relaxed. Being too casual or chatty can be perceived as a lack of respect.

Struggling to tread the line between confidence and cocky? Read this!


Never lie during an interview. Employers will see through even those white lies and be suitably annoyed that you thought you could get away with telling them.

Turning up early or late 

Turning up to an interview late is a fairly well known offence but turning up too early can be equally as inconvinient. 5 or 10 minutes early is good practice but 15 minutes is annoying. By turning up early your interviewer has to come and greet you, offer you a drink and interrupt whatever they were doing, which will not go down well.  

Using filler words 


‘So, you know what I mean…’


While you may be buying time to come up with a good answer, filler words will make you seem indecisive and inarticulate - which you proabably aren't. If you've researched the company/role effectively and know your CV inside out, you shouldn't find yourself hesitating anyway!

Poor posture

Make sure you sit up straight! Leaning forward can come off as a little keen or even aggressive, while leaning back in your chair will seem nonchalant.

Bad body language 

1) Avoid crossing your arms.
2) Never put your hands in your pockets.
3) Make regular eye contact with your interviewer.

These three just scratch the surface of course - discover our ultimate list of body language blunders here.

Scruffy appearance

A candidate who turns up to interview looking like they’ve rolled out of bed is not going to get the job. 

Even if you know that the dress code where you’re interviewing is smart casual, always err on the side of caution and go smart. A shirt and tie for men, and a smart blouse and trouser/skirt combo never go amiss. Here are some tips on how to dress for success.

Nervous laughter

Nervous laughter suggests signs of discomfort, something that might put your interviewer on edge!

Try to show only the most cool, calm and collected version of yourself. If you’re struggling to keep your nerves under wraps, read our tips and don't panic!


We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again; never, ever (ever!) bad mouth a previous/current employer at interview. Dishing the dirt about colleagues past or present won't paint you as the team player you'll need to be to secure the job.


Just don't do it!

Not even 'it’s pissing it down outside’

or ‘yeah, the commute was a bit crap’

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