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Engineering is one of the most in-demand employment sectors in the UK. The breadth of the industry combined with skill shortages means that there's plenty of opportunities for graduates to step in and put their knowledge to good use. It’s exciting, innovative and ever-changing. Working in engineering could take you all over the world.

Engineers are problem-solvers at heart, and those in the industry are always looking for ways to improve and advance our everyday infrastructure by providing data-based or creative solutions.

Most engineers come from a degree or apprenticeship background, which typically lasts around 3-4 years. After completing your initial training, you'll have the opportunity to specialise in an area such as mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering. Not to mention you’ll have a pretty defined career progression and a comfortable salary (which is likely to increase year-on-year).

Maybe you want to improve how we produce and use clean energy, finally colonize Mars, or develop something like the world’s first self-baking cake. Engineering takes creativity, reasoning and problem-solving skills, a keen eye, and lots of drive.

Common roles in this industry include: Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Project Engineer and Project Manager.
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