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Overseas Volunteering Opportunities
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Who are Skillshare?

We are an international development and volunteering organisation, operating primarily in South Africa, Lesotho and Botswana. We deliver the government funded International Citizen Service scheme, as part of a consortium of delivery partners. We provide you with everything from vaccinations to training, from visa applications to seeing you off from the airport, and all the training and support you require in-country.

What is ICS?

The International Citizen Service is a programme devised to allow young people to work with development programmes in some of the poorest countries in the world. You will be placed in-country for a 10 week period, working with counterpart volunteers on projects involving HIV & AIDS, crime prevention and sustainable livelihoods. With ICS you are often based within schools and you'll live with a local family, further allowing you to immerse yourself in a culture.

Why we're different

We believe in working in partnership, so we work in collaboration with local people to help them transform their own lives. We never preach or dictate how people should live their lives, we purely aim to allow communities to develop their skills and confidence. All of this allows the communities in which we work to change their own lives. We believe in making this kind of opportunity available to all, regardless of background.


Why you should join us

With ICS through Skillshare you have the chance to considerably change your own life as well as make a valuable difference to people who need it the most. See what our intern and ICS alumnus, Ciaran has to say - the impact that ICS has on your life is palpable. Whether you're keen to pursue a career in international development or simply want to engage with something incredibly worthwhile, whilst boosting your own skills and abilities, the ICS programme will deliver.

Did You Know?

Skillshare International is supported by renowned DJ, Fatboy Slim.

Established: 1990

Number of Employees: 30

Locations: Lesotho, Botswana & South Africa

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