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Become a UX Graduate

On this programme you'll work on market leading product design and translate high-level ideas into beautiful, intuitive, and functional user interfaces.


Location: London

What you will be doing

If you already have a passion for UX and UI, and want to build upon your existing skills to become a world class designer, Worldpay will be able to take you on this journey. On this programme you'll be able to garner market leading product design and translate high-level ideas into beautiful, intuitive, and functional user interfaces.

We have recently centralized all of our UX functions into one global team. This means you'll get to work on initiatives which span several geographical business units and product capabilities which will allow you to see the bigger picture of how design operates in a worldwide organisation. Collaboration is also key in this role as you'll spend your time liaising with world class designers, product managers, developers and innovation architects. With this diverse range of thought comes incredible ideas and together, you will build your design into reality.

  • You will facilitate the entire design process, from early product prototypes straight through to fully productionised services
  • You will work closely with business stakeholders to determine customer requirements
  • You will generate detailed specifications and use this to inform your UI
  • You will stay up to date with the latest design and development trends in tech
  • You will interpret the needs of our many merchants to translate their needs into usable design.
  • You will create new designs and concepts on the Adobe Creative Suite

What we are looking for


  • You are creative   
  • You must already have proven experience in design and have a creative mindset when building new things. An interest in how this is done digitally through exceptional UX and UI is a must. You should be familiar with some of the latest design tools including Axure, Invision, Sketch and the Adobe Creative Suite. A passion for learning new design concepts and tools will help you to excel in this role.
  • You are flexible   
  • The nature of a fast paced industry like fintech means that we must constantly respond to the demands of our merchants who operate in a multitude of different industries, all with differing needs and requirements. This means that design must respond accordingly. You must be empathetic to these changing requirements and to work closely to reflect the most contemporary of demands.ey points
Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Worldpay

The globe's leading payment provider, offering payment services for merchants in over 115 different countries.


Working at Worldpay





We use innovative technology to enable businesses to make and move cash around quickly and securely.



Our roots are based in banking, as we were once a part of RBS before becoming the largest Fintech company globally. Technology is at the heart of what we do, to ensure transactions are made rapidly and without compromise.



Our customers include Tesco, Emirates and Marks & Spencers, right down to market stall owners who are looking to innovate their services.


We have a range of different roles you can do with us across our different locations. Whether in London or Cambridge you'll be working with teams that think and work with a global mindset across:

● Security

● Software Engineering

● Software Testing

● Finance

● UI

● UX

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