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Become a UI & Front-End Developer

As a UI graduate you’ll be partnering with our global Software teams to help develop innovative new technologies from a design perspective.


Location: London

What you will be doing

We are focussing on creating a seamless experience for our merchants, customers and internal users too. This means that whenever they come into contact with Worldpay technology, they will be taken through a journey which enables interaction and champions usability. Collaboration is at the heart of the UI team, as we consolidate ideas between developers, analysts and designers to ensure that the technology can be used as effectively as possible.

Our Developer Program shows that we are a progressive organisation that ‘has it all’ in terms of APIs, documentation, support, and community, and you’ll want to be at the heart of that at Worldpay. You’ll be joining a team of motivated developer experience specialists eager to tackle new problems and push technology forwards, who are building one platform for developers.

  • You will use innovative thinking to dream up original concepts for the future of UI at Worldpay
  • You will collaborate with the Experience lead to build new tools and features for stakeholders worldwide
  • You will use Javascript frameworks and libraries like jQuery, React, Node.js and Bash to take your ideas into conception
  • You will manage expectations of stakeholders across the business, including developers in cross functional teams
  • You will be coached by experienced UI developers in order to constantly up-skill
  • You will work in inter-location squads and learn how to create work in an agile environment

What we are looking for


  • You are collaborative   
  • All of our work centres around the ability to work in harmony with different teams in order to fulfil one desired conclusion. We use our diverse skillsets and come together to create synergy in our creative solutions. You must have a passion with working with others to achieve results. Curiosity is a must in our team work, as you must be obsessed with bringing together others points of views in order to reach a design outcome which suits the needs of all of our users.
  • You are solution-driven   
  • You will be building new designs to fit the needs of our users across the globe. With each new feature will come its own set of unique challenges and idiosyncrasies and you will be interpreting how design can best fulfil these needs. Therefore a passion for creating solutions in everything you do is imperative to this role, as you will be solving problems, creating and working closely with stakeholders to ensure that these are met and tailored in an ongoing process once the product has been released.
Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Worldpay

The globe's leading payment provider, offering payment services for merchants in over 115 different countries.


Working at Worldpay





We use innovative technology to enable businesses to make and move cash around quickly and securely.



Our roots are based in banking, as we were once a part of RBS before becoming the largest Fintech company globally. Technology is at the heart of what we do, to ensure transactions are made rapidly and without compromise.



Our customers include Tesco, Emirates and Marks & Spencers, right down to market stall owners who are looking to innovate their services.


We have a range of different roles you can do with us across our different locations. Whether in London or Cambridge you'll be working with teams that think and work with a global mindset across:

● Security

● Software Engineering

● Software Testing

● Finance

● UI

● UX

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