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Become a Finance Graduate

Millions of customers and merchants alike rely on us to manage and settle payments - every single second of every day. You’ll join our extensive international Finance team to understand how we help merchants in moving billions of pounds every year.


Location: London

What you will be doing

You’ll rotate through our Finance teams in either Operational Finance Controlling or Financial Accounting - understanding the engine rooms of our business and what makes us tick. This isn’t your typical audit role post university. At Worldpay, we’ll equip you with real world, tech-savvy acumen to organise cash in a 21st century fashion.

  • You will collate and produce accurate financial information.
  • You will analyse, interpret and communicate insights to stakeholders.
  • You will deal with high profile, multi-currency cash forecasting.
  • You will reconcile data and cash reported by our business partners and customers.
  • You will identifying opportunities for continuous improvement of processes.
  • You will develop statistical data into monthly KPI and quarterly service reviews.

What you are looking for


  • You are accurate   
  • You’ll be working in a rapidly changing business, where huge transactions are made every day. You’ll be working in fast moving environment - but not at the expense of accuracy.
  • You are motivated   
  • The world of Fintech never stops. We need you to control your own workload, interact with other business functions and constantly expand your commercial awareness
Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Worldpay

The globe's leading payment provider, offering payment services for merchants in over 115 different countries.


Working at Worldpay





We use innovative technology to enable businesses to make and move cash around quickly and securely.



Our roots are based in banking, as we were once a part of RBS before becoming the largest Fintech company globally. Technology is at the heart of what we do, to ensure transactions are made rapidly and without compromise.



Our customers include Tesco, Emirates and Marks & Spencers, right down to market stall owners who are looking to innovate their services.


We have a range of different roles you can do with us across our different locations. Whether in London or Cambridge you'll be working with teams that think and work with a global mindset across:

● Security

● Software Engineering

● Software Testing

● Finance

● UI

● UX

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