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Zenergi provides energy procurement, invoice validation and contract management services into the education sector. Working across the education hierarchy, care homes, health care and councils to ultimately save organisations both time and money.

Location: Southampton

What you will be doing

Our programme offers the opportunity to work in a broad range of Zenergi activities and allow you to decide which areas of the business you would like to work in.

Rotation 1 – Months 1 - 3

Your first rotation will report into the Head of Business Development where you will be working as a Business Intelligence Executive.

With a specific healthcare industry focus, this role will support the senior sales managers in identifying, targeting, and engaging with prospective customer targets within the sector. 

Rotation 2, 3 & 4 – Months 4-6

The next three rotations will be for a 1-month period and you will be able to choose three of the following areas:


You will be involved in a great deal of design work including: completing heat loss calculations and lighting calculations. You'll also be supporting design engineers with CAD drawings with the use of design software (Hevacomp, TAS, SAP)

Energy Freedom

UK and International Governments are committing to the green agenda, you will help in the assessment of a client’s needs and work with ‘in house’ technical and design expertise to provide them with solutions.

Display Energy Certificates & Water

You will work across 3 areas: Display Energy Certificates, Water and Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR). You will collate and prepare data for the DEC calculations and SECR reporting, shadow DEC assessors on site surveys and gather data for marketing and bill investigation to resolve billing errors on the water bills (with support).

Data Team

This role will consist of data processing and entry but the main goal will be for you to automate each element and take advantage of new technologies. As a member of the data team you will help to design and improve the processes and in time, take ownership of them.


To improve our operational efficiency, you will install and configure computer systems, diagnose hardware/software faults and solve technical problems either over the phone or face to face. 


You will support the new sales business activity by building on the reputation and brand credibility of Zenergi and raising the profile externally to generate new customer enquiries. 

Finance Processing

You will be responsible for the delivery of accurate and timely financial information to the business. This is not a purely financial role and it is likely you'll get involved in various business projects.


What you will have

• Act with integrity - you will instil mutual trust and confidence, create a culture that fosters a high standards of ethics and behave in a fair and ethical manner toward others.

• Demonstrate initiative - you can work independently to solve problems, look for opportunities to take on responsibility, effectively act on new and ongoing initiatives to gain sought-after results.

• Work collectively - you will enjoy working as a cohesive team to achieve the best possible outcome for clients and customers.

• Work compliantly - you will understand, encourage and carry out the principles of integrated data management, complete all required compliance training and take personal responsibility for compliance.

• Organise and plan work - you will define tasks and outcomes to achieve objectives while ensuring the optimal use of resources to meet those objectives.

• Deliver high-quality work - you will demonstrate an authentic interpersonal style that engages others and encourages high performance and successfully manage resources to achieve maximum value and efficiency with minimum costs.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring

The University aims to ensure that there is no unfair discrimination in the way we recruit. To help us monitor our recruitment process we gather information about the age, disability, gender and ethnic origin of applicants. Participation is not compulsory.

You will be able to complete this information in the apply now section. For more information on why this is being collected, you can contact hello@gradtouch.com.

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