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Begin a Travel Writing project in Berlin

This is your opportunity to visit and write about one of the world’s most intriguing cities.


Location: Berlin, Germany

What you will be doing

The main goal of our writing workshops is to assist you in creating a compelling travel guide to destination cities. The classes are overseen by our writing expert, who is on hand to provide feedback and advice in a supportive and collaborative role, ensuring that everybody contributes and is heard, while also making sure there is focus on the finished product.

The guide is made up of reviews of places in the city – cultural and historical points of interest; restaurants and nightlife; outdoors and nature. You will also be tasked with producing some feature length articles on the destination city’s history, culture and/or current affairs, by heading out to conduct research and interviews.

Our classes are 90 minutes long and run three times per week. They are a place for planning the guide, throwing out creative ideas, focusing on writing ability and developing the knack of talking to a specific target audience.

The programme culminates in the publication of your work with an ISBN number. You will also be involved in German language classes and customised tours of the city.

  • You will gain work experience in content creation for the magazine  
  • You will have your work in a published travel guide
  • You will develop a new language
    You will meet and mingle with other creative internationals
    You will explore Berlin - a creative treasure chest

What you need to know

We run a slightly shorter, three week version of our travel writing workshops in Berlin during December 2019. The agenda will include all the usual culturally and historically important site visits, reviews of the burgeoning restaurant scene and nightlife and, of course, the magical Christmas markets that can be found all over the city.

Berlin is easily navigable, and those without knowledge of German will find it simple to get by, as the capital city is truly international. We’ll also be going on customised city tours, experiencing alternative and entertaining days out.

Winter project dates:

December: Monday 2nd – Friday 20th Price for 3 weeks: €1099

Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Treetop Travel Journalism

We are a creative organisation, based in Berlin, that provides the opportunity to visit and write about one of the world’s most intriguing cities, via our travel journalism courses.


What we do

Those on the 3-4 weeks projects attend travel writing classes where they plan and write a magazine style travel guide. The programme culminates in the publication of their work with an ISBN number. The project also includes our unique graffiti workshops, German language classes and customised tours of the city.

Our Travel Writing Course

3 days per week, those on our project meet at our creative writing workshops. The time here is spent planning the guide – who’s the target audience?, what will we write about?, who is going to visit which site? And so on. Our travel journalism mentor is on hand to make sure the guide is going to plan and to give the project members feedback on their work. We also have weekly graphic design meetings to make sure the guide looks great as well being beautifully written. The guides can be about anything the team agrees on - our next project will be solely focused on the blues scene in Berlin.

Our Berlin Style Graffiti Workshops

We are delighted to have added weekly graffiti workshops to our programme! Under the tutelage of celebrated artist Ale Senso, our students will learn the basics of stenciling and tagging, as well as spray painting techniques. They’ll also leave equipped with a piece of stunning work upon completion of the course. The classes will take place in Ale’s workspace ‘Apartment A’, a derelict building which she was given permission to paint in for a few months before its upcoming renovation. The landlord was so blown away by her work that he decided let her stay, and she has been working there for the last two years.

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