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The Stress-Free Way to Start Your Aussie Adventure

Secure your Working Holiday Visa and head down under with the support, guidance and network to make a success of it all from day one.

Picture it… It’s Friday morning. You open your eyes to the warm sun beating down on your face. It takes a second to remember where you are, but when you do, you’re buzzing. Because today’s your last day working as a server in a Sydney restaurant. Tomorrow you’re heading south to find a gig in Melbourne.

After that? Who knows, you’ll see where the mood takes you. There are no rules here. It’s just you, your new mates and spontaneous decision after spontaneous decision.

Your Aussie adventure could look something like this — or it could be completely different. Because this Working Holiday program is designed to give you full control over your adventure. You’ll enjoy our full support to get you started. Then, you’ll set off with a group of fellow Travel Grads and carve your own path.

You might head north, south or venture out west. Who knows? That’s all part of the fun.

“I can’t really describe how much Travel Grad helped me to get here because there are so many documents to fill out to come out here and work. I was overwhelmed with the application process, and it really helped to have Travel Grad to not only find me a school but also to help me process the visa documents etc. I honestly couldn’t recommend Thailand enough. It’s a beautiful country, and there’s so much going on. I’m very happy that I’m here.”- Rose Hand

Travel Grad Australia is the opportunity for you if...

• You’re a chill, independent kinda traveller aged between 18-35, and you’re bang up for a semi-solo adventure

• You hold a passport from one of the countries specified in the FAQ section below

• You’re in good health, can pass the Australian government’s ‘good character’ test and are not travelling with children

Is that you? Sweet. We’ve got you.

A bit about us

Since 2014, we’ve been connecting globally-minded grads with exciting alternatives to the traditional ‘grad job’ we’re all bored of hearing about. After starting our own careers abroad, we discovered the world has so much more to offer than life at home — and we’re all about helping you see and experience it.

We’ve designed our programs to create a safe, supported way to catapult yourself into the unknown. It’s not as scary as it sounds with us in your pocket: we’re here to guide, support and advise you every step of the way, so you can be sure you’re making a great decision.

Our overseas partners can only accept applicants from the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia & NewZealand. Please only continue with your application if this is the case.

“Travel Grad made a group chat with a group of us who were all coming out to Thailand at the same time, so we were able to arrange to come out together. That eliminated one of the scary factors of coming here because I’d already met people through talking to them. I knew what they were like and that I get on with them, so I knew I wouldn’t be alone.” - Evie Garner

What does Travel Grad Australia entail?

Our soft-landing gives you a smooth, stress-free route into working in Australia and full control over what happens next. Live, work and travel the Land Down Under for anywhere from a few months up to 2 years. Excited? We are!

Land and head straight to your accommodation

By soft landing, we mean soft. As soon as you arrive, you’ll stay in pre-paid accommodation with your fellow Travel Grads for 2 weeks to take the pressure off while you find your feet. After that, we’re here to offer long-term accommodation guidance, so you’re never left alone.

Go where you want, when you want

After your initial 2 weeks in Sydney, choose to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Whether you’re dreaming of the Gold Coast, Melbourne or going out west, it’s up to you. We’re here if you need us, but the path you take and the decisions you make are entirely yours.

Leave the confusing stuff to us

The Travel Grad team is here to guide you through the Working Holiday Visa application process. We’ll tell you what you need to do and when you need to do it, so you can relax knowing you’ll glide through immigration.

Access job-seeking advice

Take advantage of our connections with local recruitment companies and start looking for a job as soon as you’re ready. Experts in all things working holiday employment, they’ll point you in the direction of suitable opportunities, but it’s on you to get ‘em, giving you complete freedom to choose your path.

Arrive with a ready-made group of friends

Around 80% of Travel Grads are solo travellers. If that’s you too, welcome to the family. You’ll meet the rest of the group over WhatsApp before heading off, so you can chat, meet up and arrive in Aus with a ready-made group of mates.

What will your adventure look like?

Whether you can see yourself serving coffees at a hipster cafe, making sales for a local shop or getting your hands dirty on a farm, your Working Holiday Visa gives you heaps of opportunities to take on casual work and earn as you explore.

In most cases, you can stay in one job for a maximum of six months, giving you the chance to try out different things, like:

• Barista

• Bartender

• Server

• Labourer

• Receptionist

• Au Pair

• Sales assistant

• Call centre operator

• Volunteer

• Event worker

Take advantage of our connections to find work as you move from place to place.

So when do you want to go?

Currently taking applications for:

December 2022 & 2023

Arrival Date: Any Monday or Thursday of the year

Application Deadline: Minimum of 2 months before you wish to fly out

“TravelGrad was fantastic in helping me to overcome both administrative/bureaucratic barriers and the general anxieties of moving to the other side of the world. The service and support they offered was friendlier and more personal than other providers and made the whole process as smooth as could be.” - Cameron

Your Investment (£997)

• Tour Guide

• Airport arrival transfer

• Tax File Number & Australian Bank Account setup

• 12 Month Mail Holding Service

• Welcome Gap Year Orientation

• Guided Sydney City Walk

• Welcome Hostel Dinner

• Work & Travel Information Session 

• Private Sydney Catamaran Cruise (incl BBQ)

• Return Transfer to Basecamp

• 4WD through the Worimi Conservation Lands

• Sandboard down the Stockton Bight Dunes

• Mt Tomaree Bush Hike & Lookout

• Interact with Australian Wildlife.

• Beach Evening & Stargazing

• Port Stephens Dolphin Cruise

• Experience Sydney nightlife.

• Coastal Beach Walk

• Visit Bondi Beach

• 12 Month Jobs Support

• 3 x Dinners, 2 x Breakfast, 2 x Lunch

• SIM Card Activation

• Free Wifi and computer access at HQ

• Ongoing support from our partners on the ground out in Sydney

List of Included Services

Airport Shuttle

Transfer Hostel Accommodation at WakeUp

You’ll be staying at WakeUp – voted the best backpacker hostel in Australia. Everything is pre-arranged so your check-in will be quick & easy.

12-Month Job Service with our partners on the ground.

They are Australia’s leading job network for travelers in Australia. Hundreds of jobs are available nationwide, with new jobs added daily. Customers receive free Membership with job offers from all over Australia. Other benefits include:

• Access the online database of jobs all over Australia

• Receive daily email updates of new job vacancies

• Create online resumes, apply for jobs easily online on your phone, tablet or PC

• Make profile available to be found by employers

• Resume Review Service

‘Just Arrived’ Info Session

Our Work & Travel Experts will provide an ‘all you need to know’ overview of living, travelling, working and partying in Australia! We will answer any questions and explain in detail everything you need to know to get the most of your adventure in Oz.

12-Months Mail Service

Every traveler in Australia needs a fixed mailing address. It’s essential to set up your Tax File Number, bank account and Medicare (if eligible) and a great way for family/friends to send you letters and parcels. Our Mail Holding Service provides a safe and secure fixed mailing address for your entire stay in Australia. You can access your mail from anywhere at anytime. Mail will be uploaded to a secure server and can be viewed online.

Australian Bank Account

We will provide you with the necessary information and instructions on how to set up your Australian Bank Account before you leave home. Once you have submitted the online application form which only takes about 3 minutes, you will receive an email from the Commonwealth Bank with your account details, allowing you to transfer funds into the account online. Upon arrival in Sydney, our partner staff will direct you to the Commonwealth Bank branch (maps and directions in welcome letter for regional arrivals), where you can collect your ATM card straight away.

Tax File Number

Our partner staff will apply for your Tax File Number. The TFN will be issued within about 2 weeks after arrival and will be uploaded to your Mail Service Account. You may work whilst waiting for your TFN.

Mobile Phone SIM Card

We will reserve your Australian mobile phone SIM card. Upon arrival, we will help you choose a suitable pre-paid plan and activate the service. Free Internet Free unlimited WIFI Internet access during office hours at our partners office.

Training Course Discounts

All TravelGrad applicants receive a minimum of 10% off all Training courses required to gain employment in Australia. The two most popular are the RSA and Whitecard courses. RSA provides hotel, bar and club staff with the knowledge and awareness required to responsibly sell, serve and supply alcohol within licensed venues. An RSA license is essential for most hospitality work. As there are different regulations in every state, our travel / work agents will be on hand to help with any customers needs to find the best course to suit them.

Medicare Assistance

If you're from the UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium or the Republic of Ireland you may be eligible for free healthcare (Medicare) whilst in Australia, although its always advisable to have adequate travel insurance also. We'll help you arrange Medicare once you arrive in Sydney.

Find Housing

If you plan to stay and work in Sydney for a while, you’ll save money and make great friends in a shared house. We'll help you beat the rush of thousands of other travellers on our tour of furnished shared houses by the beach, inner city and all of Sydney’s top locations.

Tax Refund and Superannuation Advice

We will assist you with any gap year tax queries you may have throughout the year, help you claim a tax refund after working in Australia and help you claim your Superannuation after leaving the country.

PRICE: £997

Learn more about Travel Grad

We are TravelGrad

Flexible work abroad opportunities for globally-minded grads ready to jump-start their post-uni life overseas. 

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Hey! We’re Travel Grad, your post-uni work and travel experts committed to connecting you with exciting alternatives to the typical ‘grad job’ route we know you’re bored of hearing about.

We’re here to turn your dreams of living abroad into a worry-free, life-changing reality. Through our renowned support services, we’re not just here to make your journey happen, but to guide, support and advise you every step of the way.

Because there’s so much more to the world than what’s on your doorstep, and we’re all about helping you see and experience it.

Moving abroad isn’t as scary as it sounds with us in your pocket.

By connecting you with legit opportunities that put you over profit and guiding you through all the confusing stuff, we offer a safe and supported way to catapult yourself into the unknown.

• Maybe you’re looking to try something new, anywhere new.

• Maybe you’re considering moving abroad but are scared to take the leap.

• Or maybe you’re bang up for going for it but have no idea how to start.

Wherever you’re at, we’ve been there, and we’re here to help.

“TravelGrad was fantastic in helping me to overcome both administrative/bureaucratic barriers and the general anxieties of moving to the other side of the world. The service and support they offered was friendlier and more personal than other providers and made the whole process as smooth as could be.”  — Cameron

Since 2014, we’ve supported 500+ grads to get their journeys off the ground.

And we’ve developed a heap of support services to make the whole thing as easy and reassuring as possible for our grads.

These days, we’re offering multiple opportunities around the world — and we’re not just talking about teaching.

Whatever kind of adventure you’re up for, if it involves work and travel, we’ve got you!

Explore our opportunities or contact us to chat about how we can get your journey off the ground.

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