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Join our Korea 365 Opportunity

Experience Korea Without The Drama

Immerse yourself in South Korea, kick-start your teaching career and embark on 365 days of adventure on this 12-month graduate opportunity with a difference.

From the simmering streets of Seoul to the breath-taking bays of Busan, South Korea is a land of contrasts. Both technologically advanced and rooted in tradition, it offers an unrivalled blend of old and new. Add to that the combo of cosmopolitan culture and insta-worthy natural beauty, and you’ve got a recipe for an unforgettable adventure.

On this 12-month teaching opportunity, you’ll immerse yourself in the buzz of modern-day Korea. You’ll gain hands-on teaching experience and turn your dreams of seeing the country into a fun-filled, fast-paced adventure. If you want to work hard and play harder, there really is no better place. Are you ready to make memories? Let’s go!

This is the opportunity for you if...

• You’re in (or have just graduated from) your final year of uni and are ready for a new challenge — one that satisfies your urge to travel and kickstarts your career.

• You’re fascinated by Korean culture and dream of living and working there — you just have no idea how to make it happen.

• You’re totally up for travelling solo… but you wish someone else could deal with the confusing stuff so you can stop worrying and focus on having fun

• You want to start your teaching career and are seeking a way to gain experience, stand out and make memories.

Is that you? Great! We’ve got you.

A bit about us...

Since 2014, we’ve been connecting globally-minded grads with exciting alternatives to the traditional ‘grad job’ we’re all bored of hearing about. After starting our own careers abroad, we discovered the world has so much more to offer than life at home — and we’re all about helping you see and experience it.

We’ve designed our services to create a safe, supported way to catapult yourself into the unknown.

It’s not as scary as it sounds with us in your pocket: we’re here to guide, support and advise you every step of the way, so you can be sure you’re making a great decision.

Our overseas partners can only accept applicants from the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia & NewZealand. Please only continue with your application if this is the case.

“TravelGrad were very supportive throughout the whole process. They walk you through every step and are always there for you if you have any questions. They were also very honest and advised us to only accept offers which we were 100% happy with. TravelGrad reassured us that they only work with vetted institutions so there is no need to worry about ending up being placed at a shadey school. I would absolutely recommend using TravelGrad if you're looking to teach in South Korea or anywhere else in Asia for that matter.” — Jarvis

What does Korea 360 entail?

Korea 365 is a 12-month teaching experience for career-minded grads keen to combine adventure with professional growth. Including thorough 1:1 guidance and support from a team that’s been in your shoes, it makes your move smooth and worry-free.

Dodge the drama and find a school you can trust

We’ve done the ‘is this really legit’ checks on all our partners and built relationships with real, honest schools and hagwons you can trust. They'll look after, pay and support you from start to finish, so you can forget about work drama and look forward to each day.

Gain hands-on work experience

Teaching in Korea is no joke. Whether you work in a public or private school, you’ll put in 9-hour days, from Monday to Friday and earn around £1,400 per month. You’ll plan and deliver your own lessons, boost your confidence and gain a new sense of worth.

Leave the confusing stuff to us

The Travel Grad team is here to guide you through all the confusing stuff — from gathering legal docs to applying for your visa. We’ll tell you which hoops you need to jump through and boxes you need to tick, helping you overcome overwhelm and get it right the first time.

First-time teacher? Awesome!

A 120-hour online TEFL course will get you up to speed with the need-to-know best practices and classroom management hacks before you leave. Then, you’ll arrive in Korea with the confidence, knowledge and motivation to make a positive impact on your students.

Make friends for life from day one

Around 80% of Travel Grads are solo travellers. If that’s you too, welcome to the family! You’ll meet the rest of the gang in a WhatsApp group before heading off, so you can chat, connect and arrive in Korea with a ready-made group of friends to share your journey with.

Experience Asia’s capital of cool

From nightlife and culture to spas and cuisine, Korea has its own world-class version of everything you can imagine — and more. Spend your weekends hiking through mountains, chilling on a retreat or belting out bangers at karaoke. Whatever you’re into, Korea’s got you covered.

Your Placement Options

You’ve got two options: public or private. No need to decide just yet. You can chat with our team about the differences on a call. That’s what we’re here for.

Public School

All public school placements go via one single channel, which means your application will either be accepted or rejected. We work with an experienced partner to prep your application for the best chance of success*.

• Position: English Language Teacher

• Location: Countrywide (find out when you arrive)

• Schedule: Monday - Friday (9 am - 5 pm)

• Accommodation: Included

• Holidays: Roughly 4 weeks, plus two x 4-5 day weekends

• Salary: £1,400/month

*Don’t stress — if your public school application isn’t successful, we’ll match you with a hagwon that suits your needs.

Private School

Known locally as hagwons, these are private institutes that offer extra-curricular tuition to students of all ages. We’re connected to over 100 hagwons across the country, meaning you can choose where you want to teach and only accept a contract that you’re happy with.

• Position: English Language Teacher

• Location: Countrywide (know before you go)

• Schedule: Monday - Friday (9 am - 5 pm or 1 pm - 9 pm)

• Accommodation: Included

• Holidays: Roughly 2 weeks, plus two x 4-5 day weekends

• Salary: £1,400/month

So, next question: When do you want to go?

It’s called Korea 365 for a reason — you don’t just stay for 365 days, but you can also choose to go any day of the year. Before you go booking flights, however, do keep in mind that an application for this option takes around 6 months in total.

Is Korea the place for you?

It is if...

• You’re a native English speaker who’s keen to make a difference in students’ lives by teaching them to speak your language.

• You’ve got (or will soon have) an undergraduate degree in any subject and you’re looking for a way to combine travel with career development.

• You’re up for an intense, full-time challenge and can commit to a year-long placement.

• You’ve got a clean criminal record and are ready to invest in making your journey happen.

*Also, according to Korean work visa laws, there are specific regulations around those taking mental health medications. If this may affect your placement plans, let us know, and we’ll be happy to chat to you about other options.

“I could not recommend TravelGrad more, my experience has been great! Andrew is so helpful and has been there at all times if I ever had any question or anything! I am now teaching in South Korea and am having the best time living and working over here. It is an incredible country and I am enjoying teaching at my school too! I am so glad I decided to go through TravelGrad as it made all the stages prior to departure a lot easier and stress free as a result of the support that TravelGrad provided at all times! Thank you TravelGrad!! :)” — Emma

“I found Andrew and travel grad via an online ad and made the decision to commit after an initial conversation over the phone. Andrew immediately struck me as a very genuine character with his clients best interests at heart which has always proved to be the case. There were plenty of difficulties during my pre-arrival process, almost all of which resulting from COVID, but Travel grad were able to safely and professionally guide myself and plenty of others through the process, seek excellent alternatives and keep candidates’ spirits high. I would absolutely recommend travel grad to anyone like myself and others, for first-timers and even for more experienced teachers seeking a new adventure.” — Johnny

Your investment

• 120-hour online TEFL course

• Accommodation in a studio or 1-bedroom apartment

• Full application process assistance (incl. School application, visa process and related documents)

• One-way flight ticket refund after arrival

• 50% medical insurance covered by your school

• In-country support during your placement • Whatsapp group chat access to meet friends from the day you sign up


Your added extras...

You’ll also get access to three exclusive Travel Grad bonuses so you can hit the ground running:

• Explore the Applicant Portal, where you’ll find tips and travel guides that prepare you for your journey

• Browse our Lesson Plan Library for ready-made lesson plans you can use, adapt or take teaching inspo from

• Receive a completion bonus of 1 month’s salary when you finish your 365th day in South Korea

Flexible & Reassuring Payment Structure

Ease the burden on the bank and your mind by splitting the fee across two equal instalments: the second when you sign your employment contract. This is to reassure you that we’ll find you a contract you’re happy with.

After paying your first instalment, you’ll receive the login details to start your 120-hour TEFL. This qualification is then yours for life!

“Travelgrad were amazing at helping us connect with the right people to start our journey in South Korea. Andrew is amazing and so supportive through the whole process and ensures you have the best experience possible. The process is pretty simple and totally worth it. I would definitely recommend using Travelgrad if you’re considering coming to South Korea! My experience so far has been great, I am still receiving support if needed and I am very pleased with my choice to move to Korea using Travelgrad.” — Yasmin

It’s so good, you might never want to leave...

Apply today to arrange your interview and become the next Travel Grad to enjoy:

• Expert support from a team that’s been in your shoes and knows their stuff

• A reliable placement at a public school or fully legit vetted hagwon

• Thorough personalised support every step of the way to answer your questions and put your mind at ease

• An eye-opening cultural experience that propels your personal and looks great on the CV

• A nerve-busting supported route into travelling, teaching and exploring South Korea with other like-minded grads.

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Hey! We’re Travel Grad, your post-uni work and travel experts committed to connecting you with exciting alternatives to the typical ‘grad job’ route we know you’re bored of hearing about.

We’re here to turn your dreams of living abroad into a worry-free, life-changing reality. Through our renowned support services, we’re not just here to make your journey happen, but to guide, support and advise you every step of the way.

Because there’s so much more to the world than what’s on your doorstep, and we’re all about helping you see and experience it.

Moving abroad isn’t as scary as it sounds with us in your pocket.

By connecting you with legit opportunities that put you over profit and guiding you through all the confusing stuff, we offer a safe and supported way to catapult yourself into the unknown.

• Maybe you’re looking to try something new, anywhere new.

• Maybe you’re considering moving abroad but are scared to take the leap.

• Or maybe you’re bang up for going for it but have no idea how to start.

Wherever you’re at, we’ve been there, and we’re here to help.

“TravelGrad was fantastic in helping me to overcome both administrative/bureaucratic barriers and the general anxieties of moving to the other side of the world. The service and support they offered was friendlier and more personal than other providers and made the whole process as smooth as could be.”  — Cameron

Since 2014, we’ve supported 500+ grads to get their journeys off the ground.

And we’ve developed a heap of support services to make the whole thing as easy and reassuring as possible for our grads.

These days, we’re offering multiple opportunities around the world — and we’re not just talking about teaching.

Whatever kind of adventure you’re up for, if it involves work and travel, we’ve got you!

Explore our opportunities or contact us to chat about how we can get your journey off the ground.

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