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Online Writer
Deadline: ASAP

Online Writer

Basic Salary: Internship
Application Deadline: ASAP
Start Date: ASAP
The Daily Touch

Who will I be working for?

The Daily Touch is the UK’s most-shared, youth-led media organisation. Over the last two years we have grown from a small student blog to a lively entertainment website with viral stories appearing on every student’s newsfeed.

We offer a platform for budding student and graduate writers to develop their skills and experience in new media. Nothing will have more clout on your CV than a portfolio of highly-shared articles.

Interested in learning more? Head over to our minisite.

What will I be doing?

Combining your best writing skills and your favourite GIFs with some hilarious stories about life as a student or grad is The Daily Touch way. This isn’t any old contributor opportunity, it’s a chance to take the internet by storm.

Whether you write about your university, the problems you face after graduation, or slightly more serious news, you’ll be keeping The Daily Touch’s audience entertained and informed. 

What skills do I need?

No previous experience is required, but we’re looking for passionate people with original ideas and a keen interest in writing and online media. You’ll be able to make people laugh through words and GIFs, present stories in an engaging way and will be a pro at all things social media.

Additional information

Prove how good at the internet you are by submitting an article with your application. If you make the Editors laugh or think, “I wish I’d thought of that!” then you’ll stand a pretty good chance.

​Have fun and don’t hold back.  

  • No experience necessary
  • Must keep to deadlines and understand The Daily Touch style
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