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The Army

Army Royal Logistic Corps Officer
Location Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Starts ASAP
Deadline ASAP

Become an Army Royal Logistic Corps Officer

Be the one others turn to. Be responsible. Be trusted with the safety of the nation. Become a Royal Logistic Corps Officer in the British Army, and you’ll be doing something that really matters. 

Location: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Confidence that lasts a lifetime


What you will be doing

Managing a complex supply chain and supporting fellow troops across land, sea and air, while helping to make the world a safer, better place.

The Royal Logistic Corps is the largest Corps in the Army. Specialising in anything from port operations to bomb disposal, it’s integral to every arena of operations and every military unit. In fact, it’s essential to everything the Army does. From vehicle parts and tools, to ammunition, rations and water, it maintains the Army’s capability by providing constant support to fellow soldiers.

You’ll be there to provide an essential service in peacetime and on strategic operations, from humanitarian relief to military deployment. Wherever the Army takes you, it will be your job to lead a team of technically qualified soldiers to offer support, wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Find where you belong

Your Army career starts at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. You’ll learn the skills you need to become an Officer – from weapons handling to outdoor survival – to what it takes to lead your team in a range of hostile situations, anywhere in the world. Once you’ve commissioned, you’ll take charge of a team of soldiers. Then, you’ll become either a logistics generalist or you’ll specialise as an Ammunition Technical Officer, Petroleum Operator, Port and Maritime Operations Officer or Contracts Officer.

You’ll take part in Adventurous Training around the world, from skiing in the Alps to white-water rafting in Colorado. All while you’re earning a starting salary of around £32,800 (after training). You’ll also enjoy a fantastic range of benefits that come with Army life, from sports and state-of-the-art training facilities, to earning valuable professional qualifications.

Army Undergraduate Bursaries

Whether you’re about to embark on your degree or you’re already studying, you could benefit from an Army Undergraduate Bursary, from £6,000 - £25,000. Just show us you’ve got what it takes to join us as an Officer when you graduate.

What you will have

What we look for in our Officer Cadets is leadership potential, a sense of purpose and the drive to do great things. With these qualities in place, we can give you the training you need to take your skills and abilities and shape them into something amazing – whether you’re fresh out of school, have a university education, are professionally qualified or already building a career.

What you will receive

Become a Royal Logistic Corps Officer and you’ll receive:

• A starting salary of around £27,200 which will rise to around £32,800 upon completion of one year's training.

• Subsidised accommodation and facilities, increasing your disposable income.

• Free medical and dental health cover.

• Sponsorship to achieve valuable professional qualifications, including a degree in Logistics Management, and postgraduate certificates in Conflict and Leadership studies.

• Opportunities to continually progress your career.

• Adventurous Training, and the chance to play your favourite sports or take up a new one.

Find where you belong.

Apply now.

Learn more about The Army

We are the Army

The British Army protects the United Kingdom’s interests at home and abroad, providing a safe and secure environment in which all British citizens can live and prosper.

What we do 

Protecting the nation and its dependent territories will always be our first role. Highly trained soldiers are ready to deploy anywhere at any time to meet a variety of challenges. Ranging from support to the Police following a terrorist attack, to specialist capabilities such as bomb disposal and intelligence experts, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we are always ready to serve.

The British Army is your Army: in an uncertain world it is ever vigilant, always ready and steadfast in its commitment to the defence of the United Kingdom and its citizens.

Joining the Army involves making a commitment. It does take time to get used to Army life, but the Army will welcome you, train you and develop you.

It might sound like a big commitment but you get job security and time to take advantage of all that the Army can offer, like travel, qualifications, sport, a good income and friends for life.

We’ll help you uncover strengths you didn’t even know you had. You’ll soon start noticing the benefits.

Who we are

The Army is distinct from the RAF and Royal Navy in that our tasks are always delivered directly by soldiers through human interaction. They are our greatest asset. We are an inspirational employer who embraces diversity, inclusivity and contributes to society in everything we do. We are leaders in leadership with skills for life and the opportunity for all.

We have to make life-critical decisions and take purposeful action in sometimes hostile, confusing and unclear situations that occasionally test us to the limit of human endurance. Our training, development and preparation is personally rewarding but also ensures we are united by common values and strong bonds and will do the right thing, even under the most difficult circumstances.