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Join us on a two day Taster Experience

Get a taste for the classroom and a head start on your career with our two-day taster experience. Get practical experience in things like presenting and problem-solving. Whilst also building the skills we look for in our teachers.

Location: London

What you will be doing

Spend two days

A. Changing channel

B. Changing your life

Perfect for students in their first and second year of study – a taster experience is your chance to dip your toes in and experience the buzz of teaching. All the while building up skills that look pretty good on your CV – ones that will stand you out from the crowd in an application for our training programme.

With skills-based workshops, networking opportunities and the chance to plan and teach a real mini lesson, it’ll be a packed couple of days.

On the taster, you can expect to:

  • You will experience teaching for real
  • You will build your confidence in teaching
  • You will stand out for a place on our Training Programme
  • You will support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Taster Experience details

The course is held in London, but if you have to travel to get there don’t worry – we’ll help with the practical stuff so you can focus on getting the most from your two days:

• We’ll cover full travel costs up to £35 and 50% on anything above that up to £70.

• If you live more than 1.5 hours from our London office we’ll arrange free accommodation for you.

• We’ll provide all your meals (you can’t teach on an empty stomach!)

Find out more and apply

Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Teach First

Building a fair education for all.

Our challenge is to unlock the potential in all children, not just some.

You choose:

A. Sell people stuff they don’t need

B. Give children chances they don’t have

Train to teach and lead with expert support. Get paid from day one in class. Unlock potential in kids from disadvantaged backgrounds – and the potential in you. Become a future leader and make a difference every day on the largest teacher training and leadership programme in the UK.

• Earn a salary and pay no fees

• Gain internationally recognised teacher training qualifications

• Make a difference in the classroom from day one

• Expert support from your school and from us

• Develop skills all employers are looking for

• Make lifelong friends and connections

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