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Become a Software Developer

Be a part of a team that can adapt to solve our customers’ evolving challenges and rarely solve the same problem twice.


What you will be doing

Graduates at Roke get the opportunity to apply themselves across a broad range of projects. We carefully choose the most effective tools for each development and as such we are always learning new tools, frameworks, approaches and sometimes languages. We build teams that can adapt to solve our customers’ evolving challenges and rarely solve the same problem twice.

A software engineer at Roke has a wide range of places to apply themselves and always new things to learn. We often work in teams and apply Agile methodologies. You can take opportunities to lead teams, lead customer engagements and lead technical architectures. We work together to solve challenges and learn from the experience and insight of others.

  • You will work on everything from early days research to mission-critical software
  • You will publish and contribute to open-source software and provide key commercial and sovereign capabilities for our clients.
  • You will write fast software, some low level, some massively scaled
  • You will write software to assure and test and we build sophisticated DevOps setups to apply the rigor and regularity that we and our customers expect
  • You will write smart mobile apps, polished web front-ends and visualise complex concepts and data simply
  • You will receive training and development opportunities throughout 
  • Technical Training delivered through an initial technical ‘bootcamp’ and enduring access to the PluralSight online training portal
  • Soft Skill Training a series of modules focused on developing communication skills, networking, professional etiquette and teamwork
  • Visible Leadership regular access to senior leaders and de-mystification of internal processes
  • External Visits opportunities to attend external exhibitions/conferences in order to broaden industry knowledge and appraise the competition  
  • Lecture Series opportunity to attend lectures by visiting customers and prominent academics  

What you will have

We are looking for graduates enthusiastic about developing and evolving software. We have a wide range of opportunities in this area so your role will vary depending on your existing experience, our customer needs and your aspirations.

An awareness and experience of working with open-source software and a familiarity with Linux would also be a benefit.

Due to the nature of this position, we require you to be eligible to achieve SC and/or DV clearance. As a result, you should be a British Citizen and have resided in the UK for the last 5 years for SC and 10 years for DV.

We are committed to a policy of Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion. Our working environment is friendly, creative and inclusive. We can accommodate flexible working arrangements, and support a diverse work-force and those with additional needs.

  • You have a honours degree in a subject such as Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics or Physics
  • You have a passion for making good software
  • You have the ability to pick up new tools, frameworks and languages fast
  • You have the ability to develop new solutions where no pre-existing solution fits
  • You are able to analyse problems and communicate well thought through solutions
  • You are willing to work as part of a team

Some technologies we like at the moment: Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Go, C#, Ruby, Scala, Clojure, Linux, Android, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Terraform, GitLab, AWS, Vue, React, Node, Django, Flask, Spring

Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Roke Manor Research

The UK's leading provider of independent research, development & advisory services in technology.

About Us


Who we are

We have 60 years' experience behind us and fuel our clients’ success with a forward-thinking team that combines some of the finest engineering, scientific and mathematical minds in Britain.

Roke imagines a more secure world. A world where technology protects, rather than exposes. A world where expert engineers, consultants and business support staff collaborate to protect what matters most to our clients. If you are highly motivated and knowledgeable in the fields of autonomy, connectivity, data-analytics and cyber come and join our team.


Our office culture

There are numerous company events throughout the year, including a summer music festival, bonfire night fireworks and Christmas party.

You can also get involved with Employee led social clubs covering numerous sports, cyber/data/robotics activities, gaming, board games and more.

We also have onsite tennis courts, gym (including showers & changing facilities) and fishing rights on the River Test.

What we do

We work on ground-breaking projects that will shape the digital world in which we live and work. 

We make it our business to understand our clients' key issues, to provide end-to-end tailored solutions. With extensive experience in fields of autonomy, connectivity, data analytics and cyber in both the civil and military domains, we understand the technical complexities of modern and future systems. Our team of 350 plus engineers & consultants develop new concepts, capabilities and systems to protect what matters most to our clients.

Why we are great for a graduate 

All our new starters receive a generous relocation allowance to help you settle into local area and new role. As well as other benefits such as flexi-leave, performance related bonuses, clear career progression and travel opportunities.

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