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Become a F*cking Good Copywriter

Words. And words are all I have. To take your heart away. They’re the lyrics of popular Bee Gees song about words. Called ‘Words’. Where were we? Oh yeah. Words. Are you good with words? We’re not, which is precisely why we’re looking for a copywriter. But not just any copywriter. A copywriter with the flair of a young peacock, and the creativity of Banksy on acid. Sound like you? Then read on, m’dear.


Location: Manchester

What you will be doing

For the right person, this job’s a dream. A chaotic dream full of hard work, lots of travel and tight deadlines, but a dream all the same. You’ll get to work with clients across all industries, create tons of interesting content, work flexibly, enjoy unlimited holidays, and grow with a brand new company. Oh, and we might even pay you too.

Word stuff. Social stuff. Print stuff. Make sense? No? When that’s the best we can come up with, it’s no wonder we need to hire someone.

Let’s try that again. We’re looking for someone with a knack for writing. Someone who likes challenging the status quo. A rebel. Well, sort of. A rebel with a pen, not a rebel that sets things on fire and flashes their genitals at old people. You see, our clients expect something different. They expect new ideas. They expect boundaries to be pushed. We’re not looking for someone who writes for the sake of it. We’re looking for someone who can build audiences for businesses, and above all, get results with the copy they create.

What you’ll be doing, but in bullet points. Everyone loves bullet points.

  • • Creating audiences for SMEs across the UK and Europe.
  • •Write articles, job copy, social media posts, email copy and any other creative write-y stuff that our clients need.
  • • Manage a portfolio of businesses, and spend time on client sites across the UK and occasionally abroad. (Ooooh, free holidays.)
    • Work with the wider team on strategy, mostly made up of drunks, illegitimate children, and ever-so-slightly-paranoid creatives.

What you will have

We’re not arsed about your PHD GCSE MBA BTEC in sausage packing. The important bit is you. We want someone with grit, creativity, a passion for social media content, and a focus on results. You don’t have to be perfect. Nobody’s perfect. (Well, apart from our founder, Dan, but even he’s cool providing we pray to him every Monday and sacrifice a Gregg’s steak bake to him on a Friday afternoon.) You just have to be ready to give it your all, be willing to learn and, above all, love writing.

If you have a relevant degree, cool. If you don’t have a relevant degree, cool. Like, if you’ve got a Pottery degree but you write slick shiz, we’ll be open to it. If you don’t have a degree, cool. We just want to see what you’re capable of producing.

Ideally you’ll know LinkedIn well, have evidence of engaging content, and understand B2B marketing at a basic level.

You’ll hopefully know how to use other social media platforms, and understand what kind of content people expect to see on each channel.

That you? Apply then, why don’t ya?

And to finish…

If you want to apply, a cover letter is more important than your CV. If you want to show us how decent you are at writing, then write something. Get creative.

Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Offended

A brand new content business based in Manchester. We provide content services on subscription to SMEs and enterprises across all industries, with a specialism in B2B markets.


The Short History of Offended 

Started by Dan Kelsall, a weird bloke with a love of risky marketing, Offended has grown to a team of three over the last year. We’ve got Cabrie, a tiny, Scottish illustrator with a sparkle in her eye that suggests a propensity for mild to moderate violence, and Liam, the big fella from Dudley with a haircut Elvis’d be jealous of, who’s a wizard with a camera. Our mission is simple. Take risks. Never tread on an underdog. And create the best f*cking content the business world has ever seen.

We don’t give a shit what you look like, what your background is, what you wear (although we’re not a fan of socks and sandals), whether or not you like Love Island, if you have IBS, if you listen to Ed Sheeran’s coma-inducing rackets, or any other quirks.

All we care about is that you love writing, and that you fully understand that marketing is about driving something tangible to a business.

Offended Poem


This is an exciting time as you’ll be number 4 through the door. And yes, that does rhyme, and yes, the mystery person behind this job ad should’ve definitely been a grime artist and not wasting his/ her days doing job adverts.

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