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Become a Graduate Energy Specialist

This is the ideal job for bubbly, outgoing graduates who want a successful career in the energy industry. 


What you will be doing

We are looking for talented and personable people to join our Customer Operations team. 

  • You will be responsible for answering a range of different complex customer queries whilst consistently maintaining a friendly and positive approach
  • You will be a part of end to end customer operations including the efficient delivery of customer services, customer onboarding, billing, metering and payments
  • You will help to co-ordinate & manage 3rd party industry partners
  • You will contribute to the design, thinking and specification of in house technology to systematise and automate processes
  • You will support the implementation of new projects and processes across the operations team
  • You will have the opportunity to progress incredibly quickly

What you will have

You will be a customer-orientated candidate who wants to get stuck in to a fast-growing company with excellent opportunity for personal development.

Please contact Instant Impact for further information on this job listing. 

  • You have a 2:1 degree in any discipline
  • You are a good problem solver who loves a challenge
  • You are highly motivated and enthusiastic self-starter who will thrive in a complex and constantly evolving environment
  • You are a natural people person – an out-going personality is a must
  • You are filled with compassion and understanding
Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Octopus Energy

The UK's largest investor in solar generation, providing greener, tech-led energy that’s fit for 2018.


What we do

We are a new electricity and gas supplier in Great Britain and part of Octopus Investments, the UK’s largest investor in solar farms and the third largest investor in renewable generation overall. The solar farms we have funded generate 40% of all the UK’s large scale solar, enough to power over a quarter of a million homes (when the sun shines!).

We’ve also invested in wind generation, anaerobic digestion plants and “rapid response” gas generation to help balance supply when there’s no wind and sun.


The office environment is friendly and relaxed.

Being an extremely fast-growing scale up means fantastic opportunities for quick progression and a huge amount of responsibility, meaning it's an excellent environment to begin your career and learn a lot. The huge number of grads that we hire also means a fun, young culture and a fantastic social life!


We have a start up environment

This means that driven individuals will find themselves rewarded with high levels of responsibility, encouraged to influence and direct vital areas of the business.

It's also a very meritocratic environment, meaning if you work hard and illustrate excellent customer service, you will be rewarded for it. These rewards come in the form of quick progression into leadership roles, or moving into other areas of the business that are of real interest to you.


We love hiring graduates, and investing in their training and development.


With around 50 graduates working in the Leicester office, the culture is fun, sociable and extremely collaborative. We will invest in your training and development to ensure you become a real energy expert. Our grads are all genuinely great friends with each other, meaning after work drinks, work socials and birthday celebrations are a regular occurrence!

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