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Kubrick Group

Data Product Consultant Graduate Programme
£32,000 - £40,000
Location London
Starts Sep 2021
Deadline ASAP

Join our Data Product Consultant Graduate Programme 

Kubrick Group is a specialist data consultancy with a twist. We hire a diverse range of junior professionals and graduates from across the country, we pay you while we train you in the latest data and business skills and then place you into industry-leading companies in a variety of different sectors.  

Location: London

What you will be doing

Do you want to work in a role where you could deliver projects leading to business change and improvement? Do you have strong communications skills and want to enhance your skill set with training and development opportunities? Kubrick Group is an award-winning data, AI and next generation consultancy with a twist. We exist to overcome the talent shortage that has existed for too long, and help organisations transform.

At Kubrick we seek bright, curiously minded graduates and junior professionals to embark on first-class training, which is designed and led by industry experts, and expose them to exciting client projects for two years+ where they can take their career to the next level. You do not need any experience within the Data industry to join us as we bridge the gap between the skills you do have and those required to become a successful Data Product consultant.

What does a Data Product role entail?

A Kubrick Data Product Consultant will be able to assist clients in a variety of situations, from being part of a large data transformation programme to enabling smaller clients to begin their data journey. You are the person that aids and provides transparent communication between the business, data and technology teams. You get organisations to understand what is possible and then you become the key person to deliver it!

You will have a huge impact on a customer’s experience, as the insights you gather will be key in shaping behaviours within the business. You will be understanding and gathering business requirements and showing stakeholders the art of the possible in data. As this role is in such demand with very few qualified people to fill this need, you will be highly sought after for the foreseeable future!

What you'll do

Our consultant’s fully understand the needs and requirements of a business whilst being an intermediary between the data team, business and technology. Skilled in the relevant technologies, you will utilise your technical skills to translate data-driven solutions to internal stakeholders.

  • You will use a blend of technical and business analytics skills to develop and deliver data-driven solutions for organisations.
  • You will be trained on in-demand data skills such as SQL, Python, Tableau and Alteryx as well as receiving wider skills training on stakeholder management, business process modelling, requirement engineering, product ownership, business case and business analysis.
  • You will also be trained on the foundation of product delivery using methodologies such as, traditional Waterfall, Agile and DevOps.

What you will have

What we need from you

  • You are educated to degree level with at least A level mathematics or statistics and minimum of 120 new (300 old) UCAS points.
  • You are curious, analytical and great at solving problems – we don’t need any previous coding skills, just excitement to learn!
  • You have the desire to work with data and how it can help an organisation make better decisions.
  • You are a flexible and adaptable communicator who can work collaboratively.
  • You are committed to producing high quality solutions.
    You are dedicated to continuous personal and professional development.
    You have geographic flexibility to attend training in London and then be placed either in London or around the UK.

Company benefits: • £32,000 - £40,000 salary • 15 weeks paid training by our industry experts • Deployment on projects with an amazing clients • Career development opportunities • Ongoing support from a dedicated consultant relationship manager

Learn more about Kubrick Group

We are Kubrick Group

Kubrick Group is an award-winning data, AI, and next generation consultancy with a twist. 


We are Kubrick Group


We exist to overcome the talent shortage that has existed for too long, and help organisations transform.

We do this by hiring the best graduates and junior professionals, delivering first-class training, which is designed and led by industry experts, and exposing them to exciting client projects for two years+ where they can take their career to the next level.

In just four short years, Kubrick has become one of the largest employers of data, AI, and technology professionals in the UK. We have helped transform nearly 100 leading organisations across industries and were named the second fastest growing company in the 2020 Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100.

Our unique development programme, which begins in our labs and is immediately followed by exciting client projects, enables our consultants to accelerate a lucrative career as a Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Management or Data Product Consultant.

'I feel privileged to be able to work on high profile projects with notable clients whilst managing the technical aspect of my work independently, this is mostly unheard of in other companies for someone who is straight out of University' Data Engineer, Kubrick Group.

Gender Ratio   

Kubrick strongly believe that the data industry should embrace diversity in its teams. There is a current under-representation of women starting careers in data, AI, and next generation technology, which is why Kubrick actively aim to attract more women into the field. Our commitment to gender diversity is reflected in our hiring efforts, with 40% of our employees being female – an impressive 24% higher than the industry average.

Consultant Experience   

The backgrounds of our consultants vary greatly. We have consultant’s working on client projects with years of experience in and out of the data industry, and some with little to no experience prior to joining Kubrick. We welcome those with master’s degrees, undergraduates, and those with work experience to apply to become a consultant at Kubrick.