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Become a Business Data Analyst

To satisfy demands of greater scrutiny and regulations, businesses and institutions are now expected to ensure consistent quality, integrity and usability of their data and having a sound data plan and data governance strategy is not only important but urgent. The Business Data Analysts is the front line in navigating this new world.


Location: London


What you will be doing

As Data Science soars in growth and popularity and the amount of data we produce increases daily, organisations are realising the true impact, value and risk of data. This realisation has resulted in the emergence of a new highly important role, the role of the Business Data Analyst.

We hire excellent people, who often don’t have any prior data experience, teach them all they need to know as a Business Data Analyst and prepare them to help our clients realise their business potential, navigate risks and focus on careful governance and management of their digital information. Our clients range from telecommunications to fashion retail and financial services, giving our Business Data Analysts the opportunity to work in various thriving industries.

Kubrick Group is a data technologies consultancy at the forefront of what we call the ‘data governance movement’ and our Business Data Analysts are highly sought after. Through our training we equip our analysts with the ability to understand what happens to data in an organisation (i.e. data warehousing and quality management, architecture and security) from a technical, commercial and regulatory perspective. That means our analysts understand the lifecycle of information as it flows through the business, can access the data bases to make sense of the information and check its quality (using i.e. SQL), and then present back to the business (using i.e. Tableau) to influence a company’s decision making on their data management and governance processes.

Our Business Data Analyst’s often are the commercial voice in an organisations data team and play a crucial role as ‘translator’ between the data team and the organisations business function allowing both to understand each other and work well together.

Your first 14-16 weeks at Kubrick Group are reserved for us to train you in what you need to succeed in your career as Business Data Analyst. You will work with experienced data governance practitioners and highly skilled technical trainers to:

  • • Understand the commercial landscape and the regulatory drivers which are influencing management and governance of information now and in the future
  • • Practice stakeholder management skills and adapting to an agile environment
  • • Learn data modelling and the latest technology skills a Business Data Analyst needs such as SQL, Collibra and Tableau
  • • Refine your skills working on real life projects to prepare you for being a consultant on client site.

What you will have

 We would like to hear from you if: 

  • You have a desire to work with multiple stakeholders and facilitate effective communication between them
  • You have a love for problem solving, making sense of something complex and communicating it to others in a way that is easy to understand
  • You have an ambition to work with data and don’t let it intimidate you, learning some coding is crucial in today’s age
  • You have the ability to think logically and work under pressure
  • You are geographically flexible, as our consultants often work across the UK
  • You are educated to degree level with at least an A level in mathematics or statistics

Company benefits: £32,000 - £40,000 salary • Industry specific training • Work with top clients • Unrivalled career progression

Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Kubrick Group

We founded Kubrick to offer organisations another way to solve their data challenges. We do this by employing the best junior professionals and preparing them in our data labs to become the next generation of data specialists.


We are Kubrick Group


In only two years we’ve gained over 60 clients and 150 employees and aren’t looking to stop.

We knew from day one at Kubrick, the way in which we developed our people had to set us apart. So, we invested in developing the best training in the industry, devised by industry experts, that is only available to members of our team. Our unique development programme initially in our data labs followed by working on client projects, enables you to accelerate into a lucrative career as a Data Engineer, Data Analyst or Data Governance Analyst.

Gender Ratio   


Kubrick Group strongly believe that the data industry should embrace diversity in its teams. There is a current under-representation of women starting careers in data, therefore, Kubrick actively seek to get as many women on board with starting their careers in this field. Data Inclusive is an initiative established by data professionals at Kubrick Group, supporting diversity in companies, especially in data teams.

Educational background and Consultant’s experience: 

The backgrounds of our consultants vary greatly. We have consultants working on client projects with years of experience in and out of the data industry with different levels of educational backgrounds. We often look for those that have studied STEM subjects as these skills are easily transferable in our training process, but are also open to non-STEM backgrounds if they have completed Maths at A-levels.



As well as strong educational background, the key thing we look for in in a consultant is great people skills. We also welcome those with masters degrees, under graduates and those with working experience to apply and become a consultant at Kubrick Group. 

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