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Be a Graduate Policy Adviser

Take your place in Westminster, develop policies that affect all areas of government and have a real impact on millions of lives across the UK.



What you will be doing

Joining our programme in April 2019 or September 2019, you’ll get to work on the biggest issues facing the country.

Previous graduates have experienced everything from negotiating the Iran sanctions and developing the Government’s first Islamic Finance bond, to playing a part in the return of loans to Icelandic banks following the 2008 financial crisis and HS2 rail.

The programme is three years long, with two 18-month placements. At the end of the first placement, you’ll have real expertise in that specific area – it could be anything from higher education or international tax avoidance to public health or infrastructure spending.

You’ll then spend your next 18 months in another role. Depending on your preferences and the needs of the department, you could deepen your knowledge in one area, or work in a different area to broaden your experience.

  • You will have an initial 2 weeks training, covering how Parliament works, policy making and the legal framework, stakeholder management and workplace communication skills.
  • You will spend 18 months in your first role developing deep subject matter knowledge, while researching, analysing and evaluating complex data to develop or enhance policy ideas. You might write briefings for Ministers and senior managers.
  • You will enjoy a simulating and supportive environment, learning from some of the most influential financial experts in the UK.

What you will have

You don’t need to be an economist to join us. We’re looking for people with ideas.

Whatever your degree, if you have the resilience to handle ambiguity, to take on unprecedented challenges and do work that matters to the nation, please get in touch.

  • You are a 2:1 graduate in any discipline
  • You are able to work in the UK as an EEA, Commonwealth, Swiss or Turkish national (you will need to pass security clearance)
  • You are able to convey complex ideas clearly and concisely, particularly in writing
  • You are able to explain sensitive information verbally and in layman’s terms
  • You are strongly analytical and capable of looking at problems from different angles
  • You are interested in working in public policy
  • You are willing and able to handle lots of responsibility
  • You are resilient, able to think flexibly and cope with changes to situations and priorities
  • You are capable of managing and relating to multiple stakeholders with differing viewpoints.
Onwards to our company and culture…

We are HM Treasury

We drive Governmental decisions and set the direction of the country's Economic policy. Join us and shape a better future for everyone.



What we do   


We provide the Government of the day with expert advice to help them to make decisions in the best interests of the public we serve.


We influence policy in every department, helping to control public spending and achieve strong and sustainable economic growth. These decisions affect the lives of millions of people, so it’s essential that ministers have high quality information and advice.




Our Culture   


We offer a stimulating and supportive environment, where you will get to work with others just as dedicated to making a real difference to our society (alongside our resident cat, Gladstone).

You’ll be at the centre of decision making and have an impact on the biggest issues facing this country. From infrastructure to international tax evasion. You won't find responsibility, challenge or fulfilment like this anywhere else.

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