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Capgemini Data Engineer
Location London, Telford & Manchester
Starts Oct 2022
Deadline 23 Jul 2022

Become a Data Engineer

We’re working with Capgemini to find the next generation of Women in Tech.

Location: London, Telford & Manchester

Why join the Women-in-Tech Academy

There has long been a gender imbalance within the IT industry, and Capgemini is directly addressing the issue: working hard not only to boost the numbers of women in senior tech roles, but to inspire the next generation of young women into STEM subjects and careers.

The Capgemini Women-in-Tech Academy aims to uncover aspiring female Data Engineers with a passion for technology, and empower them with the right skills through a salaried training programme before transitioning them into their full-time roles at Capgemini.

All you need to do is read about the opportunity below, register for our digital skills assessment today (that's right, no CVs here) and consider your application made! You don't even need prior workplace experience or a background in relevant study to apply.

What you will have

Due to the nature of this position and the projects you'll work across, Capgemini will require you to be eligible to achieve at least SC (Security Check) clearance.

As a result, you should be a British Citizen and have resided in the UK for the last 5 years for SC clearance. The clearance vetting process will take place over the course of your application, and where applicable, your training programme.

So, do you have what it takes to transform the world's leading businesses through technology with Capgemini?

The Application Process

1. Digital Skills Assessment

We look for skills and character over credentials. No CVs here. If you think you have what it takes, register for the short (we promise) online assessment and that's your initial application made!

2. Virtual Webinar

Once you've registered for the opportunity, you'll be invited to join one of our bi-weekly virtual webinars where you can meet the Hatch team, hear from leaders & current employees at Capgemini and learn more about this programme's requirements to support you in making a better and more informed decision about whether it's right for you.

3. Interview & Hire

If you're successful in the digital skills assessment, you'll be invited to a short preliminary interview with the Hatch team. If you're a great fit, you'll be invited to interview with Capgemini and, if successful, will be offered the role and your place on the Academy training programme.

4. Academy Training

The first phase of your training will develop all the skills for success as a Data Engineer at Capgemini. These include Linux Essentials, SQL, Cloud (AWS), GitLab CI/CD and an Introduction to Big Data. You'll also learn professional development skills like collaboration, critical thinking & problem solving. On successful application to the training programme, you will start life as a Capgemini employee with a competitive training salary of £28,000 p/a. * Our virtual webinars will provide full curriculum detail.

5. Deploy

Once you graduate the academy and move into a Capgemini team, you will receive a salary review up to £35,000, plus access to a comprehensive benefits package which enables you to design a package to suit your lifestyle and personal needs.

The FAQ's

Is this a training programme or a job application?

Quite simply, it's both! If successful at assessment and interview, you'll be hired by Capgemini and placed on to a salaried training programme to learn all the skills you need to succeed at the business.

Does my location matter?

Whilst the training programme is delivered virtually for the most part, you might be expected to attend workshops and events at one of Capgemini's office locations in London, Manchester, or Telford. Once you've completed your training, you'll be able to move to hybrid working, blending remote working with working from your nearest Capgemini Contact Hub.

Will I be paid?

Reflecting your existing life skills and competencies, the Capgemini Academy programme will pay you a training salary of £28,000 for the duration of your training. Once you graduate the academy and move into a Capgemini team, you will receive a salary review up to £35,000, plus a comprehensive benefits package which enables you to design a package to suit your lifestyle and personal needs.

When would I start?

The Academy begins on 3rd October 2022. All applications must be made by 23rd July 2022. Final offers will be made by 29th August 2022 to allow for those already in employment to fulfil a 4-week notice period before the programme begins.

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So, have you got what it takes?


“This Academy built my career confidence from zero. Working in IT has always been my dream, and I feel privileged to have taken part in a programme that helped me realise it. I’m extremely grateful for the support throughout and I couldn’t be more excited.”

- Kristina, Power Platforms Academy

“I’ve always had an interest in IT, but I had no qualifications to back it up. This model has changed my life. It's enabled me to do what I've always wanted!”

- Lewis, DevOps Engineer Academy