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Machine Learning Engineer Internship
Location Crawley
Starts ASAP
Deadline ASAP

Join our Machine Learning Engineer Internship 2021

CGG are looking for experienced and talented individuals to join their largest European centre, based in South-East England, operating across a diverse global market with high profile international customers.

Location: Crawley

What you will be doing

As a Machine Learning engineer, you’ll play a vital role in the continual development of our processing and imaging techniques for 6 months. You will work closely with researchers, the software development group and the scientists in our seismic imaging teams to implement deep learning solutions. You will be working with our Geoscientists to validate the potential opportunities for machine learning techniques, prepare data for training and testing, designing the model, training the model and deploying in production. As an integral member of our imaging team, we highly encourage the contribution of ideas and drive in the generation of new concepts, to maintain our outstanding leadership position for technology and service delivery in the market place.

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