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Join our Commercial Leadership Graduate Scheme

This is your chance to take up a guaranteed role upon successful completion of the scheme.

What you will be doing

The Commercial Leadership Scheme at E.ON will power your future. Over the next two years, you’ll have the chance to play to your strengths. Weaving the path of least resistance to management. The only thing for sure is that your first three months will be spent in a customer facing or Sales role, simply because there’s no better exposure to our business model than out there on the frontline.

  • You will embark on a nine-month placement after your first three months
  • You will gain true breadth of exposure to our business
  • You will learn Analytics and Sales to innovative new technologies
  • You will mould your own path with help and guidance from your mentor
  • You will finish the graduate scheme with a further two six-month placements

What you will have

We're looking for entrepreneurial leaders who at the end of their journey, will be proud to say that they were part of the generation that changed everything. 

  • You are on-track for a 2:1 in your Bachelors degree, if you don’t already hold one
  • You are the confidence to manage anywhere from ten to a hundred people
  • You have the drive to keep learning and keep growing
  • You are a keen understanding of commercial issues
    You are able stand out from the crowd and show us that you’re truly special
    You are someone who loves the idea of moving from location to location in pursuit of new skills

Company benefits: discounted gym membership, private medical cover, generous pension scheme.

Onwards to our company and culture…

We are E.ON

The energy we harness begins with yours. You power our business. Supporting, managing, leading and innovating. Driven by a desire to create a better tomorrow.

E.ON Graduate Scheme


Energy lights up our lives, heats up our homes and powers our imagination. Sourced from the air and the earth. From the sun and the rain. From old reliable sources and new sustainable ones. And now, it is set to drive you to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. Part of the generation that faces down our industry’s challenges and makes intelligent energy an everyday reality.


Here at E.ON, the energy we harness begins with yours. You power our business. Supporting, managing, leading and innovating. Driven by a desire to create a better tomorrow. Energised by the chance to find new solutions to the age-old problem of powering our world.


"Changing the world. One light bulb at a time."


Graduates and Undergraduates, here, enter onto a journey of discovery. It may take you as far as our operations in Germany and Sweden. What’s certain is that it will propel you to a career filled with rewards – personal, professional and financial. Whichever route you choose. Wherever within our business it lies.

At the end of your journey, you’ll be proud to say that you were part of the generation that changed everything. And with a career ahead of you that’s as sustainable as the energy you brought to it.

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