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Become an IT Associate

Play a fundamental role in ensuring all of Colt's systems run smoothly and securely.


What you will be doing

Our IT teams play a fundamental role in ensuring all of Colt's systems run smoothly and securely, using Unix to run all of our major applications from our 850+ data centres around the world.

Unix is pivotal to the functioning of Colt systems; from SAP to mail and billing, all major applications in Colt run on Unix. There are almost 2000 Unix servers - making it a critical role to Colt so you will spend time in our data centres developing your knowledge of our systems. All external, customer-facing systems in Colt also run on Unix so security is a huge priority for us.

Your role will involve monitoring Unix servers for faults, installing new servers for our growing number of projects, and maintaining exceptional standards of service.

What you will have

At Colt, we value your drive, determination and vision. We believe that people are built from more than just education. It's motivation and collaboration that inspire us as a company.

  • You have an awareness of Unix
  • You have an interest in installation, decommission, servers and datacentres
  • You have an interest in security
Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Colt Technology

We enable the digital transformation of businesses through our intelligent, purpose-built, cloud-integrated network, known as the Colt IQ Network.



We are a global technology and telecommunications company.

We are challenging the norms of our industry, giving our customers products and services that connect them in the ways that matter most.

With an international reach but a deep local presence, we're big enough to deliver and small enough to care. From the fibre optics running beneath streets to the voice networks connecting phones, we're making the world more connected.


Everyone, no matter their role, is encouraged to voice their ideas and question how things are being done.


Our people set us apart and we celebrate our differences and support everyone's individuals goals. Whatever your interests or aspirations, our global network is somewhere you can explore and develop. We pride ourselves on an open environment where you can define your career with the effort you put in and the skills you develop with us.


The way we work together drives our business forward.

From graduates to apprentices, Colt's network of bright, connected minds is transforming the way that we work at a time of digital transformation as we rapidly evolve. If you are looking for a career with clear development plans in a global organisation then join us in our mission to become the most customer oriented business in our industry.


We believe in giving graduates the opportunity to explore a variety of our business functions.



We have eight programmes across five business functions. Each programme is tailored to give you the best learning and development experience, and the responsibility to drive your projects forward.


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