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Become a Power Electronics Engineer

Develop novel concepts for combining power converters with batteries at home.


Location: Munich, Germany

What you will be doing

We are continuously developing novel concepts for combining power converters with batteries at home. Our goal is to improve system efficiency and we need Power Electronic Engineers to help us do this.

The range of tasks includes power switching using relays/contractors controlled by single board computers, routing electricity generated by solar installations through electronically controlled hardware safely into our battery systems. You will be able to combine your existing academic knowledge with that of our experienced team to innovate new designs as well as improving existing ones.

Join us and gain valuable experience in a rapidly growing field.

  • Assemble and conduct tests on energy storage system prototypes
  • Evaluate electronic components (converters, filters, resistors)
  • Analyse device faults and propose countermeasures for serial production
  • Improve ours electronics laboratory setup
  • Prototype concepts using the available workshop

What you will have

  • Essential skills   
  • ○ Strong understanding of 3-phase AC systems and high voltage DC
  • ○ Demonstrable project experience, from inception and design through to implementation and testing
  • ○ Experience with PLCs, PCs, or controller boards
  • ○ Confidence with electric measurement instruments (oscilloscope, power meter)
  • Essential qualities    
  • ● Both practical and theoretical problem-solving abilities
  • ● Excellent team working and communication skills
  • ● Passion for and understanding of power electronics
  • ● Ability to work with a high degree of independence
  • ● A passion for and understanding of controllers

Company benefits: Tailored training • State-of-the-art development labs • Excellent tools and equipment • Relocation allowance

Onwards to our company and culture…

We are Alelion

A young high-tech company in the field of distributed energy storage & specialists in batteries and renewable energy.



Protecting the environment is one of our driving forces.

We have saved thousands of tons of CO2 already and the potential benefits are even greater. 

We occupy a world-leading position selling lithium-ion-based energy storage systems to the largest forklift truck manufacturers in the world.


We currently have 43 employees across our offices in Germany and Sweden. Both of these international cities have excellent public transport, great nightlife and unforgettable attractions and experiences for you to enjoy.



There is no expectation for you to be an expert at the start of your industrial placement.



We have created a collegiate company environment: everyone working together on common goals. We take great pride in being able to support you throughout your journey. Anybody with the right passion, desire, and drive can excel, thanks to our inclusive work atmosphere.


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