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We are Zenergi

We are a customer service company specialising in energy, and built on the belief that there is a better, brighter way forward for the energy industry.

The Zenergi Group

The Zenergi Family has seen continued growth since it was founded in 2003, acquiring like-minded organisations which have built strong reputations as ethical, customer-focused consultants.

About Zenergi

Zenergi provides energy procurement, invoice validation and contract management services. Zenergi works across the education hierarchy, care homes, housing associations, health care, commercial and councils providing 3 terawatts of energy and a management team with considerable industry experience to ultimately save both time and money.

Our Mission

Zenergi is on a mission to do things differently.

We want to help you reach your own definition of Energy Freedom, by designing our services and utility provisions around your needs.

We strive to provide excellence in all areas of service to our clients, colleagues and suppliers, based on being professional, efficient, conscientious and progressive at all times.

• Professional - We aim to ensure the highest quality of business standards at all times.

• Conscientious - We endeavour to improve team performance as well as individual success.

• Efficient - Well organised and disciplined within our working environment, we ensure productivity whilst maintaining our commitment to excellent service.

• Progressive - We support staff to continually improve skills, learn new techniques and keep up-to-date with all aspects of our job roles.

Jobs at Zenergi