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We are Text100

The global marketing agency dedicated to doing the most inspirational work for some of the world's most important brands.

Our Culture


Our Culture - What we do

Text100 is a global Marketing Communications agency with over 600 consultants across 21 offices around the world, including our HQ in New York.

We’re Wired Differently. That’s not just a phrase that we throw around, but an important part of everything we do. We’re unconventional and that drives us. We’re not drones, sitting in a beige office, churning out mediocre work; we’re pilots, gymnasts and adult fans of LEGO. We do our best work because we bring these different opinions, outlooks and disciplines together to create original, inspiring work.

We’re keen for Texties to develop skills around their interest areas, often across multiple departments. Promotions can come at any time, depending upon individual development and learning, rather than an idea of ‘time served’. We offer in-house training on all sorts of things, and regularly invite experts to come and give topical (and often very fun) talks on all sorts of topics.

We keep things informal and encourage everyone to ask anyone a question – no need to go through layers of hierarchy to get an answer when you can just ask the person yourself. That also means that everyone’s opinion is valued, creating a truly collaborative work environment.

We’re big fans of flexible working at Text100: as long as you are meeting work and client demands, work fits around your schedule rather than you fitting around work. Wherever you feel you’ll be most productive, we think you should go there. Whether that’s in the office, a coffee shop, working from home or even another office in the region (within reason!), it’s entirely up to you.

We have a hot-desking policy in place across all offices, creating a great opportunity to get to know others in the company that you might not otherwise interact with regularly.

Other office traditions include: a weekly office meeting accompanied by a full alcoholic/non-alcoholic bar and cheese board (because we’re classy); regular office outings, whether that’s a trip to a new pub, bowling or some other activity and, specifically for London, sporadic ping-pong tournaments on our full-size table. Finally, you know that feeling when it’s sunny outside and you’re stuck inside working? We’ve got you covered. From June-September, we like to give you the flexibility to finish early and enjoy the rest of the day outside.

We also encourage healthy lifestyles, with free fresh fruit across most offices, perks such as discounted gym membership and we’re soon going to host yoga lessons at our London office.

Finally, we like to make sure individuals and teams are recognised often. Sometimes this is a company-wide email thanking and congratulating on a win or a great project, sometimes it’s a Star of the Month nomination, which has a paid lunch or a voucher attached as a prize. And there’s also the possibility of bonuses being paid at the end of the year.

Incentives at Text100


[I had] the opportunity to travel and work in New York for two weeks... It was my first time in the US, so it was a really great experience.

You’ll be assigned a mentor when you first start – as well as getting in-depth training – who will help guide you along your journey and ensure you’re progressing here.

Progression at Text100


Our Graduates - Who we are

Sarah's Graduate Story


I've had lots of different experiences, working with lots of different teams and types of people, and I've done some really exciting projects with clients such as Vodafone and Tom Tom.

Sarah's graduate story.

  • After graduating from university in Canada, spent some time doing internships in PR agencies

  • Moved to London to study for a Master's in Media and Communications at City University

  • Just before completing her studies, saw the Consultant opportunity with Text100

  • Successfully applied to join the team and started as a Consultant in August 2015

  • Has enjoyed being able to stay in London and experience working abroad for a company offering different experiences

Our Future - Where we're going

Why Graduates Are Key to Our Future


Tara O'Donnell, Managing Director

We’ve been in Marketing and Communications since 1981, and that heritage and understanding of how it can change lives helps us create award-winning work for clients in a variety of sectors. We’ve spent 36 years shaping reputations and sparking movements. We helped build the internet, we’re currently helping to keep it safe, and later this year we’re helping to put a robot on the moon. Seriously.

Our five disciplines (Insight, strategy, PR, Content, Social Media and Creative Technology Services) combine to make our clients’ words matter and their voices heard in a world dominated by technology, disruption and speed.

Our aim for the future is simple: we want to continue to offer such services to existing clients, as well as attracting new ones. And, we recognised that our talented team is integral to this. Our people are our priority, whether they are graduates or more experienced members of the team. 

We've supported many grads to progress their careers over the years, and we're always excited to meet the next generation and help them to do the same. This is a company that will welcome your fresh ideas and give you the autonomy to put them into practice.  

Jobs at Text100

We currently have no job openings on GradTouch.