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Sigma Labs

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We are Sigma Labs

We are a mission-driven company that invests in people through world-class technical training. Focusing on software and data engineering, we teach professional skills and behaviours that enable you to excel from Day 1 and throughout your career.

We really care about what we do and how we impact others. We are not satisfied with being average and nice, we want to go the extra mile. We also believe in “performance in the moment”, making the most of every opportunity that comes our way. We take pride in seeing our trainees and consultants doing the best they can day in and day out.

Our beliefs

Exceptional talent is missed everyday

• Opportunity is not equally distributed. The common heuristics used to judge graduates, such as which university they attended, overlook significant amounts of genuine talent. We rigorously source this talent while pushing the boundaries of assessment. This is the first half of our mission.

Exceptional training changes outcomes

• The most effective learning practises are rarely used: the institutions that invest in the training - e.g. schools, universities, educational agencies – are often not rewarded based upon quality of the output, so the incentives don’t align. Yet Benjamin Bloom’s seminal educational research proved that the right methods can change learning outcomes by 2 standard deviations (2 sigmas). This is monumental, and while the research has advanced, these and many other techniques are at the core of what we do: thus the second half of our mission.

We will succeed or fail in our mission by investing in our consultants and solving problems for our clients.

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