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Red Bull

Various locations

We are Red Bull

Pioneers of the energy drink, giving you wings since 1987.


What we do

We are 10,000 individuals across the globe, who have been granted an opportunity and who want to produce the best work we can.

In all our roles, we look at what we produce and ask ourselves: how can we do it better? Profit is not our driver and never has been, it's chasing our potential: it's giving wings to people.

How we started

Inspired by drinks from the Far East, our founder Dietrich Mateschitz created Red Bull in 1987, first by inventing our energy drink formula and then developing what has now become the unique marketing concept of Red Bull.

From day one, we have been giving wings to people, events and ideas, setting epic milestones in sports and culture along the way.

Our brand is widely associated with daring, pioneering spirits who are ready to go the extra mile, from extreme sports stars to underground rap artists.

Jobs at Red Bull