We are Offended

A brand new content business based in Manchester. We provide content services on subscription to SMEs across all industries, with a specialism in B2B markets.


The Short History of Offended

Dan Kelsall is a content marketer, who specialises in creating viral content for businesses, growing the personal brands of B2B leaders, and generally winding people up online. He's the creator of the FGC method, author of one-time, accidental best seller, "F*cking Good Content", and the bloke who created a CV for Theresa May that went viral, and got him in a lot of trouble. 

Dan works with a variety of businesses, from recruitment software startups through to a door company. (Don't knock it. Creating content for a company that sells doors can be interesting.) He loves content, focuses on results, but has the organisational skills of a spice addict.


We don’t give a shit what you look like, what your background is, what you wear (although we’re not a fan of socks and sandals), whether or not you like Love Island, if you have IBS, if you listen to Ed Sheeran’s coma-inducing rackets, or any other quirks. 

All we care about is that you love content, and that you fully understand that marketing is about driving something tangible to a business.



This is an exciting time as you’ll be number 2 through the door. And yes, if you get the job, your nickname will be ‘Number 2’.


Offended is currently undergoing a rebrand, so don't be startled by the fact that our new website isn't live yet. We're a real company. Oh, and though you'll be number 2 here, you'll also be working in an office with other people, as Offended is part of a larger group. You can breathe a sigh of relief now you know you won't just be working with Dan.

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