We are Offended

A brand new content business based in Manchester. We provide content services on subscription to SMEs and enterprises across all industries, with a specialism in B2B markets.


The Short History of Offended 

Started by Dan Kelsall, a weird bloke with a love of risky marketing, Offended has grown to a team of three over the last year. We’ve got Cabrie, a tiny, Scottish illustrator with a sparkle in her eye that suggests a propensity for mild to moderate violence, and Liam, the big fella from Dudley with a haircut Elvis’d be jealous of, who’s a wizard with a camera. Our mission is simple. Take risks. Never tread on an underdog. And create the best f*cking content the business world has ever seen.

We don’t give a shit what you look like, what your background is, what you wear (although we’re not a fan of socks and sandals), whether or not you like Love Island, if you have IBS, if you listen to Ed Sheeran’s coma-inducing rackets, or any other quirks.

All we care about is that you love writing, and that you fully understand that marketing is about driving something tangible to a business.

Offended Poem


This is an exciting time as you’ll be number 4 through the door. And yes, that does rhyme, and yes, the mystery person behind this job ad should’ve definitely been a grime artist and not wasting his/ her days doing job adverts.

Jobs at Offended

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