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Merkle | Periscopix


We are Merkle | Periscopix

We are one of the UK’s biggest and most highly regarded Search Marketing teams, running campaigns on behalf of big name clients.

Our Culture


Our Culture - What we do

We specialise in optimising biddable media exceptionally well and finding ways to improve our clients’ website performance and marketing spend through intelligent analysis.

How do we do this? We hire clever people and develop the most powerful software. Easy!

When we say clever, we mean really clever: our team is the largest group of Google AdWords, DoubleClick Search and Bing Ads search geeks in the UK.

We are transparent with our approach to clients and how we handle their accounts. This has earned us a place as a Times 100 Best Company To Work For for a number of years in a row.

Every new joiner gets trained to become an expert in their field. You will immediately join the Academy and be guided through our industry-leading training process.

Given our brilliant team and the opportunities and training we provide, our retention rate is well above the average.

As a company we promote a healthy work life balance, with great working hours which give you plenty of time to enjoy your evenings in London. Plus, thanks to an average age of 27, there’s always plenty of socialising going on, whether it’s a game of Zorb football, fish-and-chip Fridays, Rounders or a treasure hunt.

Our team is truly diverse. We have graduates with degrees ranging from English to Statistics. We’ve got people who ride unicycles, who’ve had top 40 singles and even people that don’t like cheese. Unbrie-lievable.

Training at Merkle | Periscopix


It's a very fluid process and you can always speak to your peers, your mentors and your team leaders to decide the best path for you.

I would really encourage you to do as much research as possible... It's really important to show that you've gone that extra step. 

Our Recruitment Process


Our Graduates - Who we are

Olivia's Graduate Story


The thing I really love about this role is that you're given a lot of responsibility early on. I presented in front of one of my clients after only being here for three months. It means you learn quickly.

It's genuinely okay to ask questions - that's built into the DNA of the company... You never feel that you can't ask for advice if you need it.

Sam's Graduate Story


Our Future - Where we're going

Why Graduates Are Key to Our Future


Liz Ruthersson, Head of Media and Planning

When Merkle Periscopix started we only specialised in PPC, as we saw a gap in the market for a company to do paid search well. As time has progressed and the company - and our reputation - has grown, we have created a Google Analytics and Programmatic team as well.

Our story began in 2015, when the well-known USA company Merkle acquired our Periscopix team as the start of their international expansion. From here, global takeover is only a few steps away...

Our vision is to bring together the disciplines of Digital Marketing and advanced Data Management to deliver highly personalised experiences for our clients.

Due to the nature of the industry it is very difficult to find experienced and skilled people, so we make a massive investment in finding and developing talent in the organisation.

We want to grow our business from the bottom up, and will be able to deliver the best career opportunities for graduates who join our team today.

Jobs at Merkle | Periscopix