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We are InterGen

We are a privately held global power generation and development company, with a presence in four countries on three continents.

Our Culture - What we do

Collectively, we own more than 7,300 megawatts of electric generating capacity in 12 advanced technology projects. Our operating facilities generate enough electric power to run millions of homes and businesses every year - but most importantly, we generate this power for communities in ways that are environmentally and socially responsible. This is a mission we have met proudly, and successfully, since our inception in 1995.

Today in the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Australia, InterGen partners with utilities, businesses, and governments to create secure, cost-effective energy systems. We have more than 600 outstanding people anchoring this global network, all committed to the efficiency and safety of these plants. They represent a worldwide family of excellence, closely linked and routinely sharing best practices with each other across the world. They also represent the industry’s best in market knowledge and commercial execution.

We solve complex issues in complex geographies to help our consumers in Energy markets all around the world. Development, Finance, Operations and Engineering are just some of our departments in which we have opportunities for graduates around the year. We are a community of engaged, excited, and enthusiastic professionals in an entrepreneurial culture that embraces the challenges inherent in energy generation.

We are totally committed to contributing positively to the quality of life in the communities, societies and cultures where we operate. As a community partner, our responsibility begins where our employees live and work. 

At all InterGen facilities, our employees are encouraged to participate in activities designed to benefit the local community. This has ranged from helping to build new family homes in Boston to supporting local schools in Mexico.

Jobs at InterGen