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South East

We are IFS

The inclusive providers of business software to over one million users based in the UK, as well as in the Americas, Asia and beyond.

Our Culture


Our Culture - What we do

IFS is a recognised leader in providing business software to companies which are looking to become more agile. Using our deep industry-focused expertise, we help companies in our target sectors to increase their agility in Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management and Enterprise Service Management. 

First established in 1983, we now have over 2,800 employees, based here in the UK as well as in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Pacific. Our software currently supports more than one million users across the world through this network of offices and our growing ecosystem of partners.

We take a friendly and honest approach in everything we do and this has allowed us to achieve great success in a relatively short period. We take pride in this inclusive approach and always work collaboratively with our staff and clients to ensure our solutions are installed smoothly. All of our consultants are professional, open and deliver great client service.

We organise a wealth of activities to bring the business together. This includes our yearly Christmas Ball; a lavish affair with an overnight stay for the whole organisation and partners. Aside from this, we have bi-annual Consultant Days, which bring our Consultants together for team building activities, as well as quarterly company meetings, which ensure everyone is professionally up to date and can catch up socially too (we even go bowling the night before).

We like to celebrate our successes as a team. As a business, we have a bonus programme, which all consultants are part of. This is based on the company‚Äôs performance and has been paid every year so far. For our graduates, success is measured by milestones and we always mark the passing of these.

Training at IFS


My degree, Physical Geography, was not one that gave me a huge amount of business understanding... [Now] I've begun to see how a business can actually function.

Our Graduates - Who we are

Felicia's Graduate Story


You have to do "real life" work. However... you can still ask for help when you need it. In my scheme, we have mentors and there are resources readily available.

Felicia's graduate story.

  • Studied International Business at Brunel University in West London

  • While at university was a member of a number of societies, including the Christian, Debate and African-Caribbean Societies

  • Joined IFS in September 2015 as a Graduate Consultant

  • Has enjoyed travelling around the UK for work as it has taken her out of her comfort zone and let her experience new cultures. 

Our Future - Where we're going

Why Graduates Are Key to Our Future


Rob Atton, Consulting Group Manager

Once a start up company based in Sweden, we are now a globally recognised leader in Enterprise Resource Planning software. Since we were established in 1983, we have continued to expand year on year and we are proud of this growth, plus the culture that we have cultivated along the way.

However, growth is still very much an ambition of ours. With a recent take over and aims of floating on the London Stock Exchange in the near future, it is a very exciting time to join us and begin a dynamic and fruitful career within a business that will offer you as much training and progression as you desire.

This is where our IFS Young Professionals Programme comes in. Now in its fourth year, the scheme has gone from strength to strength. It has witnessed some excellent success stories, with all of our previous graduates moving into Consulting positions within an area of the business that they have a personal passion for.

The programme is ran in conjunction with one of our partner companies, IT Works MiTec, who provide IFS Consultants to their clients. All successful candidates will complete the same robust training programme, and specialise in their own areas of the software, yet by the end of the programme some young professionals will work for IFS and some for IT Works MiTec. You will be fully aware of which company you will work for from the day you are offered the position.

If you'd like to follow in the footsteps of many other successful graduates, please send us your CV today.

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