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We are Iceland

We are one of the fastest-growing eCommerce operations in the UK, building online user experiences that are set to be the envy of the industry.

Our Culture


Our Culture - What we do

As one of Britain’s best-loved retail brands, with over £2.5 billion of sales, we are one of the fastest-growing eCommerce operations in the UK.

Alongside over 800 stores throughout the UK, we also have a further 40 stores across Europe - including 3 which are actually in Iceland - and run a global export business.

Our brand grows stronger in reputation every year. We’re rolling out new large-format concept stores and have just welcomed a new Head of Product Development, who has already introduced a new kitchen at our Head Office to revolutionise our own-brand goods.

2016 has been a good year for us: we've already won the Which ‘Best Online Retailer’ of 2016.

Not only that, we’ve been given a Sunday Times "Best Big Companies" Lifetime Achievement Award for spending 10 years in the Top 10.

We’re the self-made success story of Malcolm Walker, our Chief Executive, who started the business with a capital investment of just £30 in 1970. In the 46 years since then, we’ve never lost our down-to-earth approach.

Did you know? As of May 2016, we donate all proceeds from the sale of single use carrier bags to help UCL Dementia Research build a new, world-class Dementia Research Institute in London.

It really does feel like family... You’ve got to be prepared to join us, muck in, roll your sleeves up and get on with it.”

Career Progression


Our Graduates - Who we are

Josh's Graduate Story

00:52 Mins

It's more about you as an individual rather than the skill set you have.

We get a lot of creative freedom… it makes me feel very proud that all my images are being viewed by so many people.

Catrin's Graduate Story


Our Future - Where we're going

Why Graduates Are Key to Our Future


David Devany, Chief Digital Officer

We are a frozen food retailer with over 40 years of history. Our online journey started in April 2013; since then we have been using the latest innovation and technology to advance rapidly in the world of eCommerce.

In our plans for the future, graduates have a huge part to play. We want grads to come in with a fresh mindset and buckets of enthusiasm to get us to the next level of our business plan.

Jobs at Iceland